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Hep with privacy settings please

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Mum72 · 01/01/2011 15:27

I have been sorting out my security settings.

I have a friend who I want to see a very limited selection of my photo albums and not others including (not being able to view)my profile pics.

I have customised my album settings to show "Friends except XXXX". I have gone back reviewed how friend XXXX can view my photo albums and it all seems OK. XXXX can only see the albums I want them to.

However, I have also upped my security settings so the same friend cannot see photos I am tagged in or my profile pics. However, when I go into review my profile as XXXX sees it - my profile pic is there.

Is there any way I can block my profile pic from a certain friend? If so how?

The only thing I have not clicked on under Privacy of "Things I share" is the very top one "Posts by me" which includes I quote "default settings for posts,including status updates and photos". However, I still want friend XXXX to be able post on my wall.

Can anyone help please?

OP posts:
DanceInTheDark · 01/01/2011 15:38

You can't hide profile pics from friends AFAIK.

Mum72 · 01/01/2011 15:44

Ah thank you Dance - thats what I was thinking after playing with my settings for sometime.

Suppose it makes sense really - in all other cases I dont mind any of my friends seeing my profile pics - just this one is a bit of an odd case - long story and hard to explain - but a bit like keeping your enemies close and all that.

Not the end of the world I suppose.

If anyone does know any different then please do let me know.

OP posts:
kayah · 01/01/2011 15:46
BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree · 01/01/2011 15:48

yes DITD is right - you can't hide profile pictures. You just have to make sur eyou don't make any profile pictures ones that you don't want them to see.

I have the same thing hide all my photos from someone - and there have been photos I've have loved to make my profile photo but don't want him seeing so can't.

DanceInTheDark · 01/01/2011 15:50

I have lists on FB and i have ppl on there who should be IYSWIM but they can only see what i make public which is not a great deal lol!

You could always block them completely? That way they can't see anything about you even if you have mutual friends.

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