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happyharry · 24/12/2010 00:08

receeived a text from DP whilst visiting sis along the lines of "if you are not back by 5 you better find somewhere else to stay!"

Bit of background. Dp and sis never really hit it off. I normally take my mum to visit sis for a day before xmas as we do not meet xmas day. As my mum has been poorly this year sis paid for us to stay in hotel overnight. Me, mum and dc.

It was touch and go whether I could go as we had a problem at home which needed sorting. I managed to rejig everything so we could go.
Even before this Dp was trying to persuade me not to go because of weather. In the end roads were fine.

WWYD or say in response.

OP posts:
GypsyMoth · 24/12/2010 00:10

'i won't be back by 5 then'

winnybella · 24/12/2010 00:11

Eh? Is that how he talks to you usually?

pinkteddy · 24/12/2010 00:11

Presume he knows you have plans to stay in a hotel overnight? If so I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of replying tbh. He is being very controlling.

socialhandgrenade · 24/12/2010 00:13

5am or pm? Have you missed the deadline yet?

Rindercella · 24/12/2010 00:14

How is he with your mother? Does he have problems generally with you seeing your family or friends?

You have the children with you?

I would call him (hate having arguments by text). And tell him you will be back when you're back.

Actually. What a wanker. You've been visiting your sick mother and your sister and he is making childish ultimatums?

There must be some more back story?

happyharry · 24/12/2010 00:15

No not normally. I was abit gobsmacked. I love Tiffany I was tempted to do/ say that.

OP posts:
happyharry · 24/12/2010 00:21

It was 5pm on 2nd day and I was home by 4pm. I pretty much ignored text. Just replied back saying arrived fine and roads ok. I have barely spoken to him all evening. He seems to have got it into his head that I care more about my family than him!

I wouldn't say he gets on great with my mum. I tend to do things with her when he isn't around.
My mum is quite shy and I think they are a little uncomfortable around each other.

Think Xmas is going to be tricky as we are hosting for both our families.

OP posts:
Sarsaparilllla · 04/01/2011 16:29

Eh? I don't get that at all, what did it matter to him what time you got back?

I'd tell my DP to get stuffed if he thought he could give me a curfew

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