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Postage charge dilemma

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chalat · 16/12/2010 22:25

Received a card from Royal Mail to collect an item which had 'insufficient postage'. Went to the Post Office to collect (10 miles away), paid the 19p it was short on postage, plus £1 fee for 'handling'. It was a large Christmas card so the 2nd class stamp was not enough. Dilemma is, I don't feel I can mention it to the sender as she has been under a lot of stress with a very ill husband - but she probably would be horrified to realise that this has happened and probably to others she sent too, cards normally being sold in multi-packs!
I won't say anything but just want to put some alerts out there to others as a warning, as I had no idea even when I saw the handwriting on it who it was from. The guy at the Post Office did say 'you may not WANT to pay £1.19 for this...' so I could have opted to leave it there, but then I would never have known who had sent it. Oooh-eer. Dilemma. Confused

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NuttySanta · 17/12/2010 10:16

It is a lesson I have sadly learnt from my Sis. I had popped in the post two handmade thank-you cards from Ds's friends. I thought it was odd Sis hadn't mentioned it then, last week she phoned me to say the same thing she went all the way to the Sorting Office paid handling charge to receive to scraps of paper. It a shame to thing we all have to trug to the post office now for anything over a standard letter. I have also made a mistake of buying oversided cards! These will now go to neighbours and work friends.
Just spread they word and the population might get it! Xmas Smile

chalat · 19/12/2010 18:47

My friend pointed out to me recently that any cards decorated with stuck-on decals/beads etc are very likely to exceed the thickness for regular post. Requires a lot of extra care and thought when selecting cards for posting, doesn't it? I find it hard enough with birthday cards to find ones that are appropriate and now have an extra criteria to consider! To avoid the trek to that post office I could have put stamps to the value of £1.19 and posted it back, or done it online, but how many others would have found that a simple thing to do (how many stamps for a start? Looking at the books of 12 I pick up at intervals they only say 1st or 2nd class, so I haven't retained their value in my memory!!) Then I'd still have to go to the postbox (nearest one is almost a mile away, I live in the sticks!) It's the elderly I feel sorry for. An unintentional unnecessary hassle Sad As you say, NuttySanta, just keep spreading the word!

OP posts:
sloggies · 05/01/2011 09:37

Word will get round eventually - I think its starting to, maybe not mention it.

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