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Ds ill school panto tomorrow

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onadifferentplanettoday · 14/12/2010 10:30

Ds who's twelve is playing the dame in the school panto tomorrow, He's been ill with a nasty cold and chesty cogh since last Friday,sleeping a lot and not eating much. He goes to a small school and there is no understudy. have just had an email from school saying hope he will be ok tomorrow so thaat the production can go ahead no pressure ! So what would you do ,obviously I hope he will be up to it but looking at him cuddled up on the sofa not convinced it will be the case. If I tell them don't think he will make it and they cancel there will be lots of other disappointed children but if I leave it and have to cancel in the morning would that be worse ? School breaks up for Xmas tomorrow so postponing isn't an option.

OP posts:
ragged · 14/12/2010 18:04

I would ask him what he wants to do and go with that.
Perhaps by now you've made other arrangements?

GoodnightNobody · 14/12/2010 18:11

if it were me & he wasn't too lathergic & ill I would give my him a big dose of calpol and send him in and then take him home again afterwards if he wanted to.

I did this last week with my dd. She wasn't sleepy and didn't have high temp.

I agree with ragged though; he'll probably know whether he's up to it or not so ask him.

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