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A young woman needs help URGENTLY

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MDUK · 08/12/2010 21:29

A friend seems to be having major issues, I picked up on the fact that something was wrong with her and a whole load of stuff has tumbled out when I asked about it. I don't know her well (so there will be some gaps in this particular puzzle) but she needs some help and needs it quick. I just don't know what to advise.

She had a child with her ex partner, whether it was anti natal depression or or mental health issues she had psychiatric problems just after the child was born. After help she moved into her own accommodation, child stayed with father (not sure if they got parental rights) and she visited and paid maintenance.

Problems with her accommodation forced her back in with ex and child. She has become close to child again but after a series of blazing rows (to do with her dating) ex has literally kicked her out. She has no money at all and friend has put her up on sofa for last 3 nights. This can clearly not continue. Ex has said she cannot not see child again.

I am worried for her mental health and have advised her to make contact with the doctor who treated her previously. She needs somewhere to live, she needs money and she needs advice on rights to seeing her daughter.

From what I know she may well be capable of looking after daughter now, but if it went to court ex would surely bring up previous issues and claim unfit mother. I think if she believed she would not see child again it would have serious consequences.

How can she get help?
Who should she contact for advice?
Would she be better off if she had the child with her to get treated as a priority? (I don't imagine the ex would just hand them over though)

I am genuinely worried for her but don't have the knowledge or experience to advise her.

Please can you help?

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DooinMeCleanin · 08/12/2010 21:32

CAB/family solicitor (she will be entitled to legal aid CAB will advise on this - wrt access to the child
Shelter - wrt to housing
MIND/GP/Samaritans wrt metal health.
Police if ExP was pyhsically abusive

Poor girl Sad

I hope she gets the help she needs.

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