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About lack of a bonus at work?

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dolcegusto · 26/11/2010 23:08

I posted recently about a poor performance review I got at work, and got some great advice so wanted to see what you would do with this situation:

I work 3 mornings per week and get paid £120, about a third goes in tax and national insurance (2nd job so basic rate tax), £45 in childcare - more in school holidays, and about £10 in petrol which only leaves me about £25 at the most each week.

I've put up with this because in September dd2 will get a free nursery place, (if they're still around by that time) and I was told I would get a bonus of up to £1000 at Xmas. Following crappy review, my bonus was only £250, which after tax will be about £175. So still only averaging £28 per week.

Would you stay working at this job? I miss my dds so much, but do like going to work and it should start to pay when dd1 is at school. I don't feel I can ask for a pay rise after the performance review.

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dolcegusto · 26/11/2010 23:09

And in school holidays I'm actually going to be losing money by working.

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northerngirl41 · 28/11/2010 10:34

I think it depends very much on whether you want to get better at your job? If you don't intend to make his effort, then let someone else take the job who would enjoy and appreciate it.

frgr · 03/12/2010 13:23

i think you have to look at this long term. if your life would be better in the long run (NI contributions being paid, recent references when you get another job, etc) then stick with it... i don't think you can take a short term view on these things.

dolcegusto · 03/12/2010 19:24

That's kind of what I'm thinking, although I have another job so no problems with ni contributions.

Will be better when dd2 gets funded nursery place but that's not till jan 2012. Have had a good week this week though so am staying put for the time being.

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