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need some advice, sensitive situation where what i really want to do is tear a strip off ex-friend.

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lucykate · 02/11/2010 21:21

long story, but i have some close friends/neighbours. they have split as she had an affair. she has moved out and in with new bloke (who has also left his wife/children), leaving the dc's with their dad. lots of other things have happened, imho she is being a selfish, arrogant bitch cow.

deal is that she comes to the house every morning, takes the dc's to school, and also picks them up after school, taking them back to their dad's house, so the dad (who is still a friend/neighbour) can go to work. she keeps letting him down, usually at short notice, and i am one of a small group of friends who end up stepping in to help.

i helped yesterday, she (the mum) said she couldn't pick the dc's up as she had a party to go to (what party starts at 3pm?, my guess is she wanted to go back to her place and have some time to get ready). problem i had was i was sick during the day, my own kids were sorted for school pick up, but i ended up having to go to school, to pick up their dc's. didn't want to let their dad down (he's very busy with work atm), but am really angry at my ex-friend, ie these dc's mum.

am so close to texting her with a piece of my mind, the one thing that stops me, is i don't want to create any additional hassle for their dad. he's had a heck of a lot to cope with since she left as it is, but good grief she makes me so cross!

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Maisiethemorningsidecat · 02/11/2010 21:25

I an understand why you're angry. Does he ask you to pick them up? If so, I think you have to direct your complaint to him and let him deal with it. If she asks you, and then leaves you in the lurch then you're perfectly within your rights (imo) to give her a metaphorical slap round the back of the head.

ConnorTraceptive · 02/11/2010 21:30

I think the only thing you can do is stop stepping in to help which I know seems unfair on the father but as long as she knows someone will pick up her slack she'll carry on taking the piss.

lucykate · 02/11/2010 21:38

yes, it's him who has to do the asking, since she left, i haven't spoken to her.

you're totally right about her knowing there are people to pick up the slack. she dropped him right in it over the summer, said she couldn't have to boys, so he booked time off work, only to discover she was actually off work herself (she works part time in a shop), and had lied, told him and the dc's she was in work. the dc's wanted to see mummy at work, so he took them to the shop, and found out from the other staff she was off on holiday.

i can't get my head round a mum leaving her kids. don't get me wrong, in all honesty, they are probably better off with their dad. she was once a pretty close friend who has become so selfish. she is bemused why we're not speaking to her and not happy for her, she's had an affair, pinched someone else's husband, and walked out on her own husband and children. well done for being a total arse!

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maryz · 02/11/2010 21:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucykate · 03/11/2010 09:52

omg, she just gets worse! by all accounts, she has complained to her husband about having to take the boys to school in the morning as it means she doesn't get a lie in!!

OP posts:
hairytriangle · 05/11/2010 20:00

keep out of it, it's not your business.

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