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Is a friend request always genuine or sometimes accidental via FB ?

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fakeblondie · 22/10/2010 22:50

Ive had a friend suggestion for weeks but not requested her as a friend for certain reasons .<br /> <br /> Yesterday i got a friend request from her-before i accept (which id like to ) i want to make certain its 100 % her request and not FB throwing it up ??

Does this ever happen or did she definately request me ??

I`d be embarrassed for very personal reasons if i accept and it then comes onto her page that i requestedher ?

Phew !!

OP posts:
wayoftheworld · 22/10/2010 23:34

Dh is saying that you have to make requests yourself. FB will make recommendation for people you might like to be friends with (very random selection!!), but it is you that has to make a decision.

Unless people use facebook regulary, your request might stay in their inbox for a while. Or they are dropping a hint...

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