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Should I do a course or put in a deck plus new kitchen floor plus weekend away?

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Lauriefairycake · 21/10/2010 12:33

Doing the course would directly bring in more money when I finish next October.

DH is currently looking forward to the weekend away as he needs something to look forward to right now.

I hate the kitchen floor as it's white lino and it always looks filthy so I was going to tile it myself.

We have been meaning to do the deck for 2 years - garden is unusable without it as it's on a hill, you can't sit on a chair out there.

The course costs £2400 (deposit needs to be paid now and then in installments).

The other 3 add up to £1200.

I can't help thinking that in this economic climate it would be useful to be able to increase my incomings by doing the course.

Any advice gratefully received Smile

OP posts:
meltedmarsbars · 21/10/2010 12:36

Yep, do the course then put the money aside for the other things.

The course cannot be "undone" once you have learned it all, whereas the floor and garden will still be there, and can you do some cheaper weekend break for dh? Maybe an afternoon skydiving or something?

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