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Celebrity breastfeeds!

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NothereisnobodylurkingbehindU · 19/10/2010 17:06

Sorry it's a DM article - but here is the lovely Natalie Cassidy, her lovely baby, bloke and pram (assume she doesn't have to get that one in a car!) and quotes from some column she writes in which she says she is breastfeeding every couple of hours on demand and though it was painful at first she sorted that with support from a friend and loan of nipple shields.
Now I don't care how she feeds said baby as long as baby is fed but it is nice to see a well known figure out and about and looking good whilst talking about breastfeeding - suggest rather that it isn't all a hell of sleeplessness, nudity and/or pyjamas!

OP posts:
MardyBra · 20/10/2010 18:26

Nice pics, she looks really happy.

amothersplaceisinthewrong · 20/10/2010 18:30

I have to say that many posts I have read on Mumsnet are the thing that give the impresssion BF is a hell of sleeplessness etc. All these exhortations to do "skin to skin" co-sleep and order your dh into another bed, get other people to do everything else while you "feed feed feed"

ShowOfBloodyStumps · 20/10/2010 18:41

I think the advice you refer to amother is often offered to help a woman who is struggling with the hell of sleeplessness and the battle to establish feeding.

It is nice for a celebrity to admit to the realities of frequent feeding and to be open about it not being straightforward at first. Even if that's what her pr told her to say, it's a good message. And of course seeing her out and about is good too.

CwtchyBlueMama · 22/10/2010 08:27

I had a Silver Cross pram like hers for my ds [smug emoticon]

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood · 26/10/2010 21:31

ahh :)
amothers, I agree with ShowOf, you read threads where that is the advice because they are problems.
Couldn't read all the comments, had someone commented about her taking the baby out for A WALK??? Presumably well clothed and wrapped in blankets? Call social services!

kittya · 28/10/2010 01:24

I love that pram!! and well done her for telling us like it is. I wish more celebrities would open speak about breastfeeding. I get sick of them saying that they do and the next minute they are out on the razzle in Heat magazine. I really thought someone like Colleen R would breastfeed, Charlotte Church said that she was but then was all over the papers fag and drink in hand, ditto Billie Piper. I really believe it would make a difference to the young mums out there because they do read these gossip magazines.

I like Natalie, I wish her all the best.

Tamashii · 28/10/2010 12:08

I believe Dannii Minogue is breast feeding Ethan too. There have been comments in the papers allegedly from Kris, Dannii and even Cheryl about how amazing Dannii is doing juggling all her projects as well as BFing her LO.

It is true when they don't say if they are struggling or if it they find it difficult but I bet if they did they would get a slating for "putting women off" or something. I personally found BFing sooooo difficult, tiring and got absolutely no support from my immediate family although the support group and HV were fab.

Anyway, at least Natalie is honest about things and she is easier to identify with even though I bet she is minted! Good luck to her.

kittya · 28/10/2010 14:15

thats the thing with breastfeeding, it doesnt help being loaded as no one can do it for you. i just dont understand how they can say they are bf and yet are back on our screens within a couple of weeks.

I was at the hairdressers yesterday and one of them delivered less then two weeks ago and there she was doing a full day (just one a week) and told me she is breastfeeding. She must have a massive supply!! anyone who I know whos done it exclusively has been completed unable to do anything else for the first few weeks.

Its like on the soaps isnt it? how often does anyone act like they are breastfeeding?

kittya · 11/11/2010 22:49

Natalie didnt keep it up for long did she, after all that? I saw something this morning where she was bottle feeding the baby.

Valpollicella · 11/11/2010 22:52

Lovely pics but very much 'posed for'. Pretty sure there wouldn't have been a pap around in the park/outside her home just at the time they decided to take the baby for a lovely walkHmm

kittya · 11/11/2010 22:56

they are so greedy for money, some people.

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