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Shall I tell DH I pranged the car?

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MissM · 19/10/2010 16:30

This morning while the car was parked someone drove into the wing mirror and completely decimated - when I got back it was completely hanging off, casing smashed into smithereens. Bloody annoying.

Anyway, this afternoon I went to Sainsbury's after picking up DD from school. I'm not completely on the ball as I was up for two hours in the night with her and DS, plus it's my last day at work tomorrow after being made redundant. I'd also had a very strong coffee at lunchtime which always makes me feel a little weird. Anyway, turning out of the carpark I completely misjudged the corner and scraped the wing of the car against a bollard. The driver's door is caved in and a complete mess.

I feel such a complete idiot, especially as I'm about to lose my job and have been trying to be careful with money. But my first thought was - don't tell DH it was me. Tell him it was part of the damage done this morning by whoever bashed in the wing mirror (which he knows about cos I told him). He will be so pissed off with me if he knows I've been such a div!


OP posts:
ScaryFucker · 19/10/2010 16:43

Tell him the truth

Why on earth wouldn't you ? Confused

You will feel very foolish when you get caught out

You had an accident ...people shouldn't be "pissed off" because of an accident, his first reaction should be one of concern for you

MissM · 19/10/2010 18:07

Well it wasn't really an accident, it was completely me not concentrating. No-one was hurt (except the car).

I just feel like an idiot I suppose.

OP posts:
Plumm · 19/10/2010 18:09

Of course it was an accident - you didn't do it on purpose.

FakePlasticTrees · 19/10/2010 18:10

I'd tell him about the morning insident and not mention the afternoon addition (and allow him to assume it was all done that morning), unless you had the DCs in the car with you. They'll tell on you, mark my words.

ScaryFucker · 19/10/2010 18:10

so you drove the car into the bollard on purpose then ?

we all have lapses of concentration when we are stressed

he should be thankful your "lapse of concentration" wasn't in the fast lane of the M1, doing 80mph

the world won't stop turning 'cos you pranged the car and if he makes you feel bad about it, he is a shit

MmeBodyInTheBasement · 19/10/2010 18:15

Tell him.

You will worry about him finding out and if he does find out - won't be hard to work out since the marks will be in different places probably - he will be annoyed you lied.

And he will question why you told him it was just the wing mirror when the damage was more extensive.

It is a car. As long as you are ok, don't panic.

Start the conversation with, "I had a little car accident..." and he will be thankful that you and the DC are fine and not be bothered about the car.

MissM · 20/10/2010 14:14

Yeah, I told him. Was the initial panic that made me not want to! And you're right about DD - she would definitely tell.

OP posts:
ScaryFucker · 20/10/2010 14:21


northerngirl41 · 24/10/2010 16:15

If you drive these things happen - he should understand that. I'm a very good driver and I've pranged the car doing stupid things numerous times.

Accidents really do take a millisecond of lapse in concentration, it's not surprising they happen occasionally.

That's why you have insurance, use it.

northerngirl41 · 24/10/2010 16:15

PS And you would be claiming the mirror anyway so you haven't messed up the no claims bonus. See? Silver lining!

QOD · 24/10/2010 16:18

aha there you are wrong Northerngirl!
If you claim it - it'll be two claims and totally feck up your ncd - if it were damage from ONE incident.......... but I would never advise anyone to make a false claim.


northerngirl41 · 25/10/2010 11:35

Ah - no wasn't advocating insurance fraud at all Smile

On mine you lose it even if you claim for one incident which is your fault or which is not retrieveable, therefore the second incident wouldn't screw up my no claims because I would have already totalled it from claiming the mirror.

QOD · 25/10/2010 16:26

aaaaaaaaaah see if you have protected ncd you are ok with one claim, you lose it with the 2nd in 2 a set period.
SO much better if it were one set of damage.....

QOD · 25/10/2010 16:27

aaaaaaaaaah see if you have protected ncd you are ok with one claim, you lose it with the 2nd in 2 a set period.
SO much better if it were one set of damage.....

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