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Is anyone else fed up with all the "it's husband/sister/dog week, if your h/s/d is wonderful repost this as your status" statuses?

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DebiTheScot · 08/10/2010 19:50

Or is it just me?

And does anyone else wonder who decided it was whatever week it is? I'm sure some of them have come up several times in a few months.

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TitsalinaBumSquash · 08/10/2010 19:52

But didn't you know?!

Its national Mumsnetters week, Mumsnetters are wine drinking, slatterns who we all love, they provide excellent advice and have gifted us the words fanjo and norks and they can sniff out a troll in one post..... if your life has been made better by a Mumsnetter please re post this.... Grin

colditz · 08/10/2010 19:53

Nope, I ignore them completely.

DebiTheScot · 08/10/2010 22:43

Haha tits I like that.

I ignore them too, just fed up with them filling up my home page.

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