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aaaagh who is he?

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pigindisguise · 30/09/2010 18:30

I keep seeing this sleb and I don't know who he is. It's driving me crazy. I don't see how I'm going to find out but I'll give it a go - he is quite tall, blonde , fairly good looking, lives in Brighton, between 34-40. I am convinced he either plays a doctor on something, or he presents some sort of nature programme. Any ideas before I have to just ask him outright and make a complete twat of myself?

OP posts:
creequealley · 30/09/2010 18:32

does he live in Fiveways - there's a very tall blonde guy who o be in the Bill or a slightly gingerish bloke who was the nasty bone Doctor Sean, married to Jess from Casualty. Both of them have children at Balfour....

JiggeryPopery · 30/09/2010 18:33

Hmmm.....Dr Christian off of Embarrassing Illnesses?

pigindisguise · 30/09/2010 18:37

yes he must live in fiveways, not ginger but blonde and very tall.

ha ha will also look up dr christian!

OP posts:
IUsedToBeFab · 30/09/2010 18:38

Tom King?

Fluffypoms · 30/09/2010 18:42

was either going to say dr christian or ben fogle?

snigger · 30/09/2010 18:43

Blimey, up here in the glens, our biggest excitement is knowing the sister of someone that used to be on Monarch of the Glen.

Enjoy your dilemma!!

pigindisguise · 30/09/2010 18:45

he's got that ben fogle kind of look
just looked up dr christian - it's not him but you're on the right track
can't see him on the bill cast

got to go & put the kids to bed, will check in later

OP posts:
piratecat · 30/09/2010 18:48

not that nobber bloke on 'Something for the weekend'?

Fluffypoms · 30/09/2010 18:48

argh I hate these kind of threads, I end up pissing myself off trying to think who the hell it is??? Grin

pigindisguise · 30/09/2010 19:40

who is tom king?
snigger it's hardly someone to get excited about, not exactly A list or I'd know who the hell he was!
no piratecat Grin
sorry fluffypoms Grin. it pisses me off every time I see him!

OP posts:
sharbie · 30/09/2010 19:41

Grin pirate cat

sharbie · 30/09/2010 19:42

oooo who snigger love motg

pigindisguise · 19/10/2010 13:22

no jannerbird, not him. still seeing him everywhere!!

OP posts:
Rocinante · 22/10/2010 09:18

Is it Stephen Beckett? Used to be in The Bill and played a doctor on Corrie. This is the only link to a picture I could find.

KatieScarlett2833 · 24/10/2010 15:16

Bloke from Green Wing?, if so, yum.

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