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Profile pictures

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nappyaddict · 20/09/2010 01:39

Am I the only one that thinks if you are going to put a photo up of yourself for your profile picture it should be of just you - not you and your partner, not you and a member of your family, not you and a friend, not you and a pet, not you and a famous celebrity - just you. I'm fairly sure it even says on Facebook (or it used to if it doesn't now) when you choose a profile picture that it should be of you and only you.

It's fine to post all your other pictures in the photo section of your profile, but don't have them as your profile picture!!

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CarmenSanDiego · 20/09/2010 01:43


OuchPassVodka · 20/09/2010 01:46

depends if you are searchable or not. atm i have a lovely picture of scenery. As far as i know you just have to not be breaking copyright of the picture and that there is no fb rule just a suggestion by fb. This is so that you are more searchable and identifiable as you and other people can link to you.

What do you really have against it other then the fact you cant find the person you want? i want a profile that makes me smile. tbh pictures of me dont. thus if i want one of me and ds or even just ds then that's what i'll do. then again i am not searchable, messagable or addable even to friends of friends.

nappyaddict · 20/09/2010 01:51

CSD Well the general point of a profile picture is to have a picture of the person whose profile it is.

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SacharissaCripslock · 20/09/2010 01:56

I don't want to have my photo as my profile pic so I don't. So ner.

I'd much prefer a photo of a cute baby or a holiday scene than some of the fake pouty hiding the double chin and gazing at the camera with big doe eyes poses that some people do.

CarmenSanDiego · 20/09/2010 01:57

I think people can have whatever they want as their profile picture. Artistic license and all that.

A friend of mine has a gorgeous picture of her holding her newborn baby. You pick whatever represents you at the current time.

CarmenSanDiego · 20/09/2010 01:58

And as far as I can see, there are no specifications from Facebook as to what a profile pic should have other than it has to not be obscene or breaking copyright, same as other pictures.

chefswife · 20/09/2010 02:04

Well, I wouldn't be to happy about someone using a picture of my daughter or myself for that matter because I wouldn't have control over its use/view.

seaturtle · 20/09/2010 03:05

I think it's up to the individual. I usually have a photo of my son because he's much nicer to look at than me. I have friends who use logos, pets, scenery, old family photos, celebrities, photos from nights out etc. My mother is on there with a fake name and a photo of flowers because she only wants specific people as friends and doesn't want to be "found."

Cadmum · 20/09/2010 05:58

Mine fluctuates between photos of me in various states of exhaustion (I am NOT a poser); the white on blue face generated by FB; and various funny snaps BUT my privacy settings are high and I do not want to be searchable.

I do understand what you mean. In the early days when I was trying to find people, I didn't have a clue if I had the right ones. Now I just use FB to stay in touch with people back home so I don't really think about their profile pictures.

Currently mine is of ds2 with a faux-hawk... I could switch it to a photo of me taken before dcs like some of my silly friends if it would be more in line with the 'rules' of FB. Smile

Cadmum · 20/09/2010 06:01

I was just thinking that if I changed my setting to be searchable that I should use a photo of me at 23 since I have lived far from home since then. Maybe that explains some of the profile photos on there?

nappyaddict · 20/09/2010 16:44

Oh yes also cannot stand those self-portrait photos.

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