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Boring dilema

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rainbowinthesky · 03/09/2010 20:21

Okay, our boiler has stopped working. We have been told it is probably the fan which will cost £400 to replace but not definite. If not the fan it will cost £1600 to replace the whole boiler.

We have £400 but dont have £1600. What would you do? Would you risk it and just try to repair or try to get the whole amount to replace (gawd knows where from)?

The boiler is approx 7 years old.

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 03/09/2010 20:23

what rating is it? If you can scrape together the money then a new boiler may make efficiency savings
Can you get a second opinion? Where are you in the country?

ttalloo · 03/09/2010 20:28

what make is your boiler?

rainbowinthesky · 03/09/2010 20:33

Ideal which by all accounts is a crap brand. Our neighbours who have replaced said they save around £100 a year on bills since replacing. We're in the SE. Just not sure where we will get the money to replace in time before it gets cold.

OP posts:
ttalloo · 04/09/2010 19:32

If you don't have the money to replace your boiler with a good make (we have a Vaillant and had a Worcester Bosch, both of which were excellent), then I would just spend the £400 to replace the fan, but I would, as polarbear says, get a second or even third opinion.

If you do decide to replace your boiler, though, it's worth checking out British Gas - they tend to be a bit more expensive than independent gas engineers, but they do offer interest-free credit over one or two years, which really helped me out when I was broke after buying my first home.

kellestar · 09/09/2010 14:13

I had a word with my cousin, who repairs boilers among other things. He said price varies within the ideal range, replacement fans can cost about £85 for the part but can be up to £200. He said to get a second opinion for sure. He also said that a more efficient boiler will save you money, but you can also get grants to reduce the costs. Some councils offer this, give them a call, they may be specific about the rating, brand or boiler, but it's worth looking into.

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