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To be fed up with DF

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pontypandy · 06/08/2010 16:42

Hiya just come home from spending some time with DS'S GP'S (My DM & DF) and had to leave earlier than usual cause i felt like i was going to explode at DF but didn't want to.

I took a activity book that DS 4.11 had done to show them his work (which I am very proud of)
DM looked at it and was very pleased and shocked at how well DS is doing, gave it to DF and he was just picking at it saying the "handwriting wasn't very neat and that some of the letters didn't look right" !!! now he's 4.11 hasn't even started school yet (starting reception in sept) and he's complaining about handwriting saying it could be neater, my DM commented that i couldn't even write at DS's age !!!.

Also while DS was playing he was getting a bit noisy and I could see DF was getting a bit annoyed with this so I asked him to quiet down a bit, he ignored me and started misbehaving a bit (nothing drastic,typical 4.11 boy stuff) so I raised my voice and then DF said OI no need for that!!!

I mean he was complaining that DS was misbehaving, but then he complained that I told him off to get him to stop!!!!! But if I don't shout then im not looking after my son!!!

Anyway I asked him to play quietly other wise we will be going home, but then DF said I was being mean for not letting him speak !!!

I had to leave after that, made some excuses that me and DS had some-things to do at home.

What do you reckon AIBU to be a bit annoyed at DF right now??

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aluvss · 06/08/2010 21:00

No YANBU but this is what happens when you go and stay round somewhere like your parents.

This is the reason I never stay anywhere, atleast at home I know my daughter can riot without no problem or anyone huffing or puffing.

You also may have overreacted a bit, but i understand why. It takes getting used to, maybe go round a day at a time and then more often after that, see how it goes, the more your parents are used to your son and how he is the easier it will get for you and them.

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