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Not go to a wedding because I don't get on with the bride's parents?

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scouserabroad · 05/08/2010 12:56

It's my cousin's wedding soon, and I haven't spoken to my aunt and uncle (her parents) for about five years. Since my own wedding, in fact, when they sent me a snotty email which basically said that I was making a mistake which I would regret my whole life, because mixed race marriages hardly ever work out. Haven't had an argument with them as such, just not seen or spoken to them.

I have never been close to my cousin as she is a lot younger and we now live far apart, in fact we only chat on facebook now and then.

So, do I go to this wedding or not? I think I can't be arsed TBH, but I sort of want to because I get on with most of the rest of my family & would be nice to see them.

OP posts:
bumpybecky · 05/08/2010 13:00

are you still with your DH? preferably with some incredibly gorgeous DC?!

scouserabroad · 05/08/2010 13:09

Still with DH, though we do have problems sometimes we're still together after nearly 5 years. Aunt & uncle's objection to DH was purely because he is an Arab muslim, nothing to do with his character / past behaviour etc. Long story but we got married in Dh's original country with his family present. My family were invited but didn't come, and I do understand why not & not upset as such, just... well I have issues around weddings lol

DC are gorgeous tho I may be biased

OP posts:
bumpybecky · 05/08/2010 13:14

I only asked as if you had split up I wouldn't want to risk the 'I told you so' attitude from the Aunt and Uncle!

I think I'd go and try to avoid the nasty relatives for the day, concentrate on the people you do want to talk to. There aren't that many chances to catch up with family en mass, would be a shame to miss.

You never know, perhaps the Aunt and Uncle have mellowed over the last 5 years. You and DH still being together proves them wrong, perhaps they'll apologise! (don't hold your breath now)

kickassangel · 05/08/2010 13:31

if she's mother of the bride she could be pretty busy, as will your cousin be.

so, if you want to see the rest of the family, this could be a time to catch up & let them see that your marriage hasn't been a disaster.

LaundryLyne · 05/08/2010 21:53

I would go to the wedding. Don't let their intolerance affect your decisions about what you'd like to attend.

Ilythia · 05/08/2010 22:03

go to the wedding and rub their stuck up racist faces in the fact that you are happy.

And then sidle up to them during the day and whisper a nasty judgy bitchy comment in their ears about their dd and leg it.

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