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FrozenChocolate · 22/07/2010 16:41

Ages ago I sent a friend request to someone who didn't accept it. Eventually I cancelled it but in the meantime all their status updates, new friends etc were coming onto my account.

So now I have had two friend requests. One I want to accept, the other I have already pressed 'ignore'. If I accept the one I want, will the other one whom I have already 'ignored' see that I have accepted someone else? I don't want to be their friend but don't want to rub their nose in it and plan on saying I don't go on facebook much if questioned.

OP posts:
beesonmummyshead · 22/07/2010 19:53

go into settings and block the person you don't want to see you. That way they will not see anythig that you write on any friend's wall. It will be, to them, as if you dont exist.

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