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Accused of stealing

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OhWesternWind · 19/07/2010 13:45

My mum has accused me, out of the blue and via e-mail, of stealing a gold locket from a box of jewelry several months ago. Of course I haven't done any such thing and e-mailed back on Friday to say this, and also that I was v upset. Haven't had any response from my mum.

My mum is prone to tempers and falling out with people, and has on several occasions in the past literally gone months without speaking to me rather than apologise or try to sort things out. I strongly suspect there is some mental illness but she refuses to talk about this or seek any kind of help.

I am fed up of this constant stream of crap from her. She is mean to me, rude to dp, unkind to ds and dotes upon and spoils dd to the exclusion of all others. But nonetheless she's my mum.


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slushy · 22/07/2010 12:31

It may sound harsh and cold but she is behaving like this because people let her get away with it. So stop letting her don't talk to her until she apologies, I am very sorry for the situation you are in.

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