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AMA: I am an autistic young woman

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SowhoamI505 · 01/09/2023 20:16

Hey all, as the title says, i am autistic and i'd like for you to ask me any questions on Autism that spring to mind

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Mimmy352 · 01/09/2023 21:54

Is anyone else in your family autistic? It seems to run in mine, mostly in the boys

RubaiyatOfAnyone · 01/09/2023 21:56

When people say on here “autism presents very differently in girls”, what in your experiences were the differences?

(thank you for answering, btw)

SowhoamI505 · 02/09/2023 07:16

@Mimmy352 there are a few who are, but are not diagnosed if that makes any sense.

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SowhoamI505 · 02/09/2023 07:23

@RubaiyatOfAnyone My experiences with the differences:

i am outspoken, but find others are more reserved (my BF is an example)
I notice perhaps what others don’t
from experience, girls seem more advanced in thought
sensory needs effect some but not all
I find that I don’t get whereas others may

I hope that answers your question :)

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GrannyGoggins · 02/09/2023 07:25

Hi, were you diagnosed as a child or adult?

SowhoamI505 · 02/09/2023 08:42

@GrannyGoggins I was diagnosed at 15.5 years, but it was known way before then that i was autistic. Being that my diagnosis was so late, I had an incredibly difficult time accepting it but also felt that it was an answer to all issues which were going on at the time.

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Ughhelp · 02/09/2023 08:45

What age did you start to notice?
what age did your parents start to notice?

Ughhelp · 02/09/2023 08:45

What age did you start to notice?
what age did your parents start to notice?

SowhoamI505 · 02/09/2023 09:47

@Ughhelp Not sure when I started to notice if I’m honest as I already have a lot of medical issues going on, but my parents knew at around 3 years old

OP posts:
Ughhelp · 02/09/2023 12:49

Thank you for replying @SowhoamI505
I have some nieces and nephews who may also be autistic. Worried for them as their parents disengage and grandparents heavily in denial. They are going into their teens without support.

makeminealargeoneagain · 03/09/2023 13:19

When you received your diagnosis what support did you then get? Do you take any kind of medication and how is it helpful?

SowhoamI505 · 03/09/2023 14:08

@makeminealargeoneagain initially, support was understanding what autism was. Now, I’m medicated for anxiety (separate to the autism)

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