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AMA with Sophie Medlin, consultant dietitian and founder of founder of CityDietitians

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NicolaDMumsnet · 15/05/2023 11:42

Hi all,

We’re really pleased to announce an AMA with dietitian Sophie Medlin, who has a wealth of expertise focusing on gastrointestinal and colorectal health. The thread is open now for questions and Sophie will be returning to answer questions throughout the week.

''Sophie Medlin is a well-recognised consultant dietitian, founder of CityDietitians and is the Chair for the British Dietetic Association for London. Sophie has expertise in gastrointestinal and colorectal health. She worked in acute hospitals specialising in gastrointestinal diseases before moving into academia, where she worked as a lecturer at King’s College London.

Sophie is a go-to spokesperson for media when it comes to evidence-based nutrition, recently leading the clinical team in Channel 4’s flagship gut health programme, Know Your Sh**. Sophie works hard to myth busy and share evidence based nutrition information via her social media channels @sophiedietitian.''

Please ask your questions from now - though the thread will be open until Sophie has finished answering questions.

As always, please remember our guidelines - one question per user, follow-ups only if there’s time and most questions have been answered, and please keep it civil. Also if one topic is dominating a thread, mods might request that people don't continue to post what's effectively the same question or point. 


AMA with Sophie Medlin, consultant dietitian and founder of founder of CityDietitians
switswooo · 15/05/2023 17:07

Thank you. I am sensitive to some foods.
For example, gluten products make me bloated and constipated but I have tested negative for coeliac disease. Am I damaging my gut by eating foods that make me bloated? And what about vegetables that bloat? I often have anaemia and rosacea too, with anaemia being treated with ferritin.

potas · 15/05/2023 17:12

Hi. I am a vegetarian. But am struggling to eat a diet that doesn't cause me to bloat/pass gas/have diarrhoea
I try to eat a variety of veg, eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds. But I'm hungry! If i eat more I get upset guts and if I try adding in soya or "fake meat" products I get really upset guts.
Is there a magic protein source that I am missing out on? Or are there supplements that would help.

Itmustbenaptime · 15/05/2023 21:06

Can you recommend a probiotic or diet strategy to combat constipation? I’m already drinking plenty of water and eating a fair amount of fruit, veg and whole grains (mostly brown rice and oats.) I can’t tolerate some of the recommended foods like prunes and bananas as they make my headaches worse so am a bit stuck for what to try next!

coronafiona · 15/05/2023 22:45

HOw do I stop overeating sugar?! I eat good healthy meals but far far too much sugar and now have 3 stone to lose Blush

TyneFilth · 15/05/2023 23:00

I've just been diagnosed with diverticulitis and I'm in a bit of a spin about it. I was just about to go plant-based (whole family in fact) but it seems that kidney beans might be my trigger food. I'm nearly out of this latest episode with the help of antibiotics and prescribed laxatives (oh the glamour).

Please could you outline how to get to a high fibre (ideally plant based) diet that allows me still to enjoy the spontaneity of going for meals at friends houses without being a picky micromanaging killjoy? I feel like I am staring into a lifetime of kale and oatmeal. I haven't dared yet to research whether I should/n't drink gin.

MyFaceIsAnAONB · 16/05/2023 13:01

Aw I’ve been a client of Sophie!! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 such helpful, calm insights, really really helpful sessions, thank you Sophie.

I have been diagnosed recently with a couple of autoimmune diseases and my question now is is leaky gut a real thing and if so should I take l-lysine to heal it?? Or l-glutamate or something?
My current regime involves probiotics, fermented foods, mushroom coffee (worth a shot!?), no gluten, no sugar (tricky one!). Not sure where else to go.

Havehope21 · 16/05/2023 13:21

I don't drink tea or coffee, but enjoy hot squash instead (around 4 cups a day) - these are 'zero calorie' as they are made with artificial sugars. Is this bad for me? Aside from these drinks, I eat a well balanced diet including 30 plant based foods a week, all meals cooked from scratch etc.

dancinginthesky · 16/05/2023 13:28

If you have IBS, Fibromyalgia, PCOS, endometriosis and are far too obese... what's left that you can eat without triggering anything off?

Appleshapedmum · 16/05/2023 18:52

Any suggestions to improve excessive flatulence? Very windy but not smelly.

WordInYourShellLike · 17/05/2023 08:35

Hi Sophie, I've had IBS-D and gluten intolerance for most of my life so for the last year I've completely avoided gluten. Now I've developed a lactose intolerance so I'm having to avoid that as well and it's hard to plan family meals and when eating out.

A year ago I started intermittent fasting (mainly around 10/14) and it really helped but then last winter I read that studies had shown it can be bad for you. I decided to stop over the winter but have now started again, concluding that the positives outweighed the negatives. I take Optibac Every Day probiotics, but I really don't like fermented foods.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life not being able to eat or drink so many things that trigger bloating and diarrhoea - is there a way to heal these intolerances completely? Thank you.

Buffysoldersister · 17/05/2023 09:45

Hi Sophie, I have polymorphic light erruption and there is some suggestion it may be linked to gut health. What should I be eating to improve this and is it worth taking probiotics?

shivanifoodiee · 17/05/2023 12:23

Sophie Medlin, a prominent consultant dietitian and the founder of CityDietitians, will be participating in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. With her expertise in nutrition and dietetics, Sophie has a specific focus on vegan food and its impact on overall health. As an advocate for plant-based diets, she offers valuable insights into the benefits, challenges, and considerations of adopting a vegan meat. This AMA session provides a unique opportunity to engage with Sophie and gain knowledge on vegan food, nutritional requirements, and practical advice for incorporating plant-based options into one's diet. Don't miss this informative and enlightening discussion!

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turquoisediamond · 17/05/2023 13:31

I've always had bad skin, a bit spotty, red areas, also have eczema and a sensitive tummy. Am allergic to nuts. Never really tried cutting any foods out as it seems too much hassle. What would you suggest I try first (ie should I try no gluten to see if it makes a difference and if so how long for?)

Saunaandsteam · 17/05/2023 22:28

Does the gut microbiome change during the menopause and, if so, how can it be supported?

Cheesewinelover · 18/05/2023 01:01

Hi. Do you recommend probiotics and if so which one or what should I look for if you can't recommend a specific one. I suffer regular bloating and occasional flare ups of painful high up stomach cramps and loose stools. Have for many years. I used to use a probiotic in Australia (not sold here) years ago and really found it helped.

Rummikub · 18/05/2023 01:07

I e been seeing more about guy health and mental health being linked. What probiotics or pre biotics would you recommend to support brain health?

Rummikub · 18/05/2023 01:19

Ive been seeing more about gut health and mental health being linked. What probiotics or pre biotics would you recommend to support brain health?

MsGrahamCheese · 18/05/2023 01:35

Hi Sophie, thank you for this opportunity.

Can you please give me some tips for including a little gentle fibre in my diet?
I have to keep to a long term low-residue diet due to a stricture following a total colectomy but having so little fibre seems to be impacting my energy & ability to keep hydrated. I can't tolerate wholemeal/wholewheat (indigestion).

I'm also pending a diagnosis for CFS so any tips on healthy, energy-supporting foods (especially ones that don't require too much preparation) would make a real difference! I'm finding I'm relying too much on sugar-heavy and highly processed foods, which don't feel so good and I'm putting on a fair amount of weight!

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

Cinderellasfeatherduster · 18/05/2023 21:43

Hi, Sophie and thank you for the chance to ask a question.

I had appendicitis earlier in the year which was complicated with an appendicular mass, peritonitis and sepsis. I didn’t eat for three weeks and could initially only eat fruit, smoothies, simple proteins eg chicken and fish and lightly steamed green vegetables. I’m gradually returning to normal but I still have a serious abscess on the appendix which has meant they’ve as yet been unable to operate to remove the appendix. My digestion is still very delicate and I have to eat small amounts several times a day. What can I do to support my gut health as I recover, pre and post surgery?

Thanks so much, it’s been a very worrying time and it’s great to be able to ask your advice.

Daisypain · 18/05/2023 22:25

Is Symprove actually any good?

Id read the vast majority of the pro/pre biotics just get digested and are rendered useless and the only way to truly improve your biome is eat widely fruit and veg wise, reduce chemicals including sweeteners and up fibre.
But Symprove makes some very big claims and is heavily ‘celebrity’ (read Instagram influencer) endorsed. Any truth in their claims?

VeryLittleOwl · 19/05/2023 19:14

Any advice for eating after acute pancreatitis? Cause was high trigylcerides which have now been sorted, no gallstones seen on an MRI, no permanent damage to the pancreas and I have no pain 99% of the time. Hospital told me I can eat whatever I want, just experiment and avoid any foods that cause pain, GP was horrified at that and told me even though I don't have gallstones I have to eat a very low fat diet for the rest of my life. What's the most up-to-date advice?

MumofCrohnie · 19/05/2023 19:35

As my username suggests, I am the parent of a child with Crohn's. This was diagnosed when she was 10 but I think she had it from age 7 or so.

I have been investigating the impact of the modern diet on the likelihood of Crohn's susceptible individuals getting "triggered" into symptomatic disease. It seems like there is a fair amount of evidence of the impact of certain emulsifiers, gums, and artificial sweeteners in IBD. This is ironic since the emulsifiers and gums proliferate in "healthy" alternatives such as gluten free or vegan meat alternative foods that many with IBD try out in an attempt to control their symptoms.

Do you think this will ever become common knowledge and will the industry offer (harmful) emulsifier-free alternatives, or food labelling for ibd- friendly foods?

MyFaceIsAnAONB · 24/05/2023 13:29

@NicolaDMumsnet do you know when these might be answered?

MyFaceIsAnAONB · 24/05/2023 13:30

(Didn’t mean that in an arsey way 😄)

NicolaDMumsnet · 05/06/2023 15:46

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for the really great questions and apologies for the delay. Sophie will hopefully be coming back shortly to answer all the questions.


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