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I have an eating disorder AMA

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Darkparadice · 08/05/2023 18:37

I will answer any questions, hoping this will be helpful for parents who have teens/older children with eating disorders and anyone else who wants to know anything.

OP posts:
GrimDamnFanjo · 08/05/2023 18:41

How do you manage this day to day?

Darkparadice · 08/05/2023 18:44

I’m not really sure how to answer that. I suppose it’s just always there in the background in life but in the forefront of my mind and actions. Sometimes I’m better, sometimes I’m worse but I ALWAYS try to keep it hidden.

OP posts:
hearthelp · 08/05/2023 18:45

How much do you eat in a day?

SirWalterElliot · 08/05/2023 18:46

What helped you to recover or get into a better place (assuming you have)?

Kanaloa · 08/05/2023 18:47

Did it start from being a child or teen, or were you an adult? I hope you’re in recovery now and moving towards a healthier version of yourself x

whammamthank · 08/05/2023 18:48

When did you realise you had an ED?

CremeEggThief · 08/05/2023 18:49

With respect, if you always try to keep it hidden, how are you ever going to recover?

Don't you think you need to be open and honest with yourself and the people who might be able to support you?

NurseCranesRolodex · 08/05/2023 18:50

Can you traceback the origins to a specific relationship or event or circumstance, at what age. Hope you are getting help.

Choconut · 08/05/2023 18:50

Why go you feel you need to keep it hidden?

Pussycatbeen · 08/05/2023 18:51

Has any kind of therapy or counselling helped?

EugeneEufy · 08/05/2023 18:51

Which ED is it if you don’t mind me asking?

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