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AMA Irish dancing

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jiggingwithit · 18/03/2023 18:43

I was an Irish dancer as a child/teenager/young adult. I competed up to at work championship level (obviously I didn’t win though lol). Basically I competed and danced for a long time lol.

if anyone has any questions about anything to do with Irish dance or competitive dance in general feel free to ask 🙂

OP posts:
jiggingwithit · 18/03/2023 18:44

FGS I thought I was in AMA not AIBU. I’ll report my own post to get it moved. Apologies.

OP posts:
LynetteScavo · 18/03/2023 19:03

The wigs...I need to know about the wigs...

Swannning · 18/03/2023 19:13

DD has done it for years, we are fortunate that her dance school is a lovely community but I have heard that it is not always like that.

I am not keen on the wigs / tan / pageant make up element which IMO undermines (by being something that people focus on) the dancers phenomenal strength, energy and talent.

TiredyMcTired · 19/03/2023 16:31

I’ve always wondered whether you have to do any other strength or cardio training to maintain the stamina you need for that level of dance.

How hard is it not to move your arms?

How much practice and training do you have to do?

Myneighbourskia · 24/03/2023 16:01

What's with the fake tan?

SnuggleBuggleBoo · 24/03/2023 16:12

Are you called Louise?

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