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I assess disability claims - AMA

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Galactico · 03/01/2023 20:10

Just as the title says!

I know the public feeling towards assessors isn’t always good. I’ve been doing the job for about 7 years, let me give you some insight into the “other” side.

OP posts:
ginghamstarfish · 14/07/2023 19:39

Given that so many have to appeal, are assessors ever held accountable or sacked if x percent of their cases are declined (because of the lies/errors in their reports) and the win at appeal? It must cost a great deal more to have this appeal process than just doing the job correctly in the first place.

springerspanielpuppy · 14/07/2023 20:06

No they are never held accountable neither the assessor not the decision maker attends a tribunal. DWP may send another member of staff from the local office but they rarely challenge their own. I doubt they ever look at the stats where they could review performance.

Problem is that the assessors don’t know the relevant law and DWP often don’t use it or use it selectively.

ginghamstarfish · 16/07/2023 13:06

Thanks, shocking that they don't keep tabs on this. So much wasted money on poor assessors, tribunals, when they could just have people do their job accurately and fairly.

AutumnCrow · 16/07/2023 13:34

TheShellBeach · 05/01/2023 19:10

You cannot re-appeal but you can reapply.

Yup. Unless the first tribunal got it wrong on a point of law. But they're rare cases, and the claimant would need good support for this from a benefits adviser. I think I've seen a couple of cases discussed on the Benefits & Work site.

Having said that, and looking at the stats for last year, there seem to be an increasing number of disposals (tribunal decisions) but a fall in the % of successful appeals, so perhaps the number of challenges to tribunals on points of law might increase, if they're rushing them through because of the backlog? One to watch.

Aine333 · 01/01/2024 12:47

Hello and thanks for your post as an assessor. I've been offered a job as a paper-based assessor with Capital, but have read some awful stories about poor treatment of claimants and employees. I do need a home-based job to be able to care for my mum, but I don't want to sell my soul in the process. Can you tell me what it's really like? Thanks in advance, and best wishes to everyone

cansu · 01/01/2024 13:03

My two both get PIP. The only element I had to appeal was DLA mobility when they were younger. Since they are both on adult pip the assessment has been straightforward. However this is because of the way the assessments are worded. Basically if you are profoundly disabled (mine are both severely autistic and cannot go anywhere without carers) then you will probably be OK. If you are managing a condition and trying to work then you will have to be very smart to get a decent rate. This is of course on purpose.

The whole purpose of the telephone assessment is to try and disprove what the claimant has written. Most people provide plenty of evidence.

caringcarer · 01/01/2024 13:13

Hotpinkangel19 · 03/01/2023 21:14

My husband had his leg ripped off in an accident last year. He was declined PIP and after a MR got Low rate mobility. He falls a lot, is in pain, can't walk far, but has a prosthesis. I'm almost sure he should be getting high rate/enhanced. Is there anything he can do?

I know a person quite well who was in a motorbike accident and lost his leg. He has a prosthetic leg but has restrictive movement eg he plays cricket but someone else has to run for him. He's in pain a lot. He was furious because his prosthetic leg was not classed as an aid. Yet without it he can't walk. He eventually got given 3 points so no money at all.

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