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I work in a nursery AMA

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Ilovemycatalot · 09/08/2022 19:40

Just that really. It’s a private nursery if that makes any difference.

OP posts:
tirednewmumm · 10/08/2022 21:45

Do children get left to cry when things are busy and chaotic? How do staff deal with competing needs of different children when outnumbered

Ilovemycatalot · 11/08/2022 20:38

we try and comfort all children but in all honesty there are times when a child is crying and we can’t physically pick up that child as we have our hands full so the child will be left for a short while but we would never leave a child who was obviously distressed. However there are some children who cry basically on/of all day and want to be physically held all the time which is not possible. Ratio for under 2s is one staff member to three might seem to be ok but reality is we can’t always devote our full attention to every child especially the more demanding child. Sadly I find the quiet children kind of get left out as the more difficult children end up getting more of your attention because you have to monitor them more.

OP posts:
dmask · 11/08/2022 21:05

How do you get them all to nap at the same time?

Skinnermarink · 11/08/2022 21:08

Are you always honest about the updates?

for example:
lunch- salmon broccoli pasta- ate all

I just know my son wouldn’t have eaten it all 🤣

Ilovemycatalot · 11/08/2022 21:20

It’s amazing how children will just get used to a routine. We sleep after lunch so children get used to lying down on there beds we just turn of lights tell them to lay down as it’s sleep time and a lot of the time they will just walk over to their beds and lay down and most fall asleep within 10-15 mins. Some we need to pat their backs and give a bit more encouragement but once they see the other children asleep they start to fall asleep as well.

OP posts:
Ilovemycatalot · 11/08/2022 21:24

Re updates depends on staff some honest some will just look at the plate and see half has been eaten and just put down most which in reality is not totally accurate. I try and be honest even if they eat little I will put that down. For the children that don’t even touch the food we will offer an alternative like a sandwich but not sure if all nurseries offer that.

OP posts:
Someaddedsugar · 11/08/2022 21:27

Do you have favourite children? And would an individual small gift each or a large hamper of chocolates and biscuits etc be preferred as a leaving thank you gift?

Skinnermarink · 11/08/2022 21:28

Do you genuinely love the children and the job? I know it’s poorly paid and the hours long. Is it hard to give it your all every day?
there are a couple of members of staff at my son’s nursery that genuinely seem motivated by the job and really seem to enjoy being with the children but one or two, even though they’re doing all the right things, I just don’t think they love it. I wish it paid more.

Skinnermarink · 11/08/2022 21:29

I mean I guess I don’t mean love the children, I don’t expect anyone at nursery to love my baby 🤣 he is cute and happy though and pretty easy. But I like to think the staff are enjoying the day with the children.

LidFlipper · 11/08/2022 21:29

Do you love the kids? My baby’s key worker seems to genuinely love my son and it just makes my day so much easier knowing he’s being so well loved int he day while I’m at work.

Ilovemycatalot · 11/08/2022 21:35

@Someaddedsugar it’s lovely that you think of giving gifts and they really make you feel appreciated. Individual small gifts are better as when parents give hampers etc they are often just taken to the staff room so doesn’t always benefit the actual staff that look after your child. To be honest a lot of the staff have favourites tends to be the child that bonds with you the most and some are just more naturally loving towards staff and will come for cuddles and staff love that!

OP posts:
Someaddedsugar · 11/08/2022 21:39

I'll go for individual gifts - thank you @Ilovemycatalot Smile

Ilovemycatalot · 11/08/2022 21:41

Honestly we do love the kids especially when they bond with us. Some staff get a bit jaded after a time but that’s nothing to do with the children just the poor working conditions and low pay and the fact we feel unappreciated at times as well as the long hours and stress as most nurseries are understaffed and rely on agency workers to fill the gaps who are mostly pretty crap. But the children are the highlight of the job and we do get really attached to them.

OP posts:
Skinnermarink · 11/08/2022 21:42

Good to know. Thanks. Our nursery just cannot seem to recruit the permanent staff member they need, so the others are either stressed covering extra shifts or they have to use bank staff.

Ilovemycatalot · 11/08/2022 21:46

@Skinnermarink sadly nurseries just can’t get the staff anymore. A recent vacancy at ours got zero applicants I think poor pay and long hours just put people of.

OP posts:
PhatPaws · 22/08/2022 22:32

Do you tell the parents of the kids that cry on and off all day?

Are you trained to be really positive when giving feedback to parents?

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