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I had a nose job...

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GoodHearted · 02/07/2022 20:10

Ask away

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pinkyredrose · 02/07/2022 20:11

Who was your surgeon? Are you pleased with the results?

MrsOwainGlyndŵr · 02/07/2022 20:14


VladmirsPoutine · 02/07/2022 20:14

Why and are you happy with it?

GoodHearted · 02/07/2022 20:23

My surgeon was "The Nose Guy" a very reputable surgeon who lectures other plastic surgeons regularly. It cost me £5.5k and believe me I did not go into this lightly.

OP posts:
FillaMoffy · 05/10/2022 12:36

Do you like the result? And how long as your recovered? I’m interested in this topic now because I’m also thinking of having a rhinoplasty. I’ve already found a reliable place with many feedbacks and good prices rhinoplasty Pasadena, and I hope everything will go fine. I dreamed of changing my nose shape from my teenage years when it started forming. I have an extremely big and long nose, which is also uneven. I’ve got Armenian roots, and people there often have big noses. I’m not satisfied with my appearance and can’t accept it. I would appreciate it if you told me more about all the procedures and did you worry a lot before an operation.

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