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I have had breast cancer

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BlueBloodedBlue · 02/07/2022 13:15

I was diagnosed a few years ago and had chemo, surgery and radiotherapy and I'm still taking hormonal tablets.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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MoodyTwo · 02/07/2022 13:28

I am so sorry, did you want people to talk to you about it, or did you not want to talk about it at the time? how did work handle all the appointments?
I have a friend going through this and I never know what to say without putting my foot in it.

BlueBloodedBlue · 02/07/2022 14:54

What I found hardest was when people avoided me - I understand it's hard to know what to say but it did upset me when people would cross the road or duck into shops to avoid me!
Also, the head tilt 'how are you?' used to make me giggle!
Wanting to talk about it depended on the day, best to take the lead from your friend.
I worked in a school at the time and as chemo and snotty children definitely don't mix, I was signed off for nearly a year. Obviously, financially that wouldnt have been great but we were lucky in that we had critical illness insurance cover which was a godsend.

OP posts:
emilyjjj · 27/08/2022 22:04

Sorry to hear this, it’s very tough. I just finished reading an ebook that I think is helpful for people to understand what the day to day is like for when people have treatment. It’s Just Bad Luck by Edie Cole. She was diagnosed aged 40.

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