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Breast cancer physio

4 replies

turtleyawesome1 · 14/06/2022 17:53

I'm a breast cancer physio working in the NHS, AMA Smile

OP posts:
Takingthisonetothegrave · 19/06/2022 11:30

What's the most common symptom of breast cancer?

onlyinSpain · 21/06/2022 01:44

Is there anything that can be done for mastectomy and radiology pain that is happening years later? Quite significant levels of pains. Scans are clear and drs blame mastectomy and rads.

Smashingsmashed · 21/06/2022 05:31

Had right breast LICAP and full lymph node clearance at start of year. Finding it hard to get comfortable at night - can I lie on my right side or could that cause lymphoedema? Thank you!

MissyB1 · 21/06/2022 05:37

Do you teach scar massage? I had to pay for private physio after my mastectomy (6 years ago), as the NHS physio didn’t really understand why my scar was tight or how to help. I was also only offered two appointments on the NHS anyway.

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