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yohobo · 25/02/2022 03:08

AMA. I think it'll be therapeutic for me as I'm totally baffled as to why I'm doing it

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Rainbowqueeen · 26/02/2022 03:19

Best wishes op. You clearly want to make some changes and I hope you are able to do that.


yohobo · 26/02/2022 03:28


I agree you aren’t dim. It sounds like this guy has taken advantage of you. It’s not ok.

I hope you can get out if this situation soon. Flowers

Thank you, this thread has been a bit of a wake up call. I appreciate your nice comments
OP posts:

yohobo · 26/02/2022 03:30

Yes. I didn’t really realise it was a situation until I started asking. I’m lucky, I have support. Thank you x

OP posts:

BOOTS52 · 26/02/2022 04:46

I hope you are ok and sometimes we get caught up in things in life and before we know it the situation is out of control. To those been unkind to the lady there is no need as she is posting for support and not abuse. I hope you find a way that helps you make the changes that you seem to want to do and please do not let this man take you down a darker path and you find the support and help you need to find yourself again. Post again if you need some support on here xx


yohobo · 26/02/2022 13:22

I am overwhelmed with the supportive comments I've had on here. Its my big secret that I've kept for a long time and it feels good to get it out. I'm going to do something about it now. I don't have an issue with sex work, it's more the way I've ended up doing it alongside this man. He's the issue really, not the work. I felt really weak but having some support has given me shove in the right direction. So thanks all

OP posts:

Gunpowder · 01/03/2022 19:50

How are you doing @yohobo?


BOOTS52 · 01/03/2022 21:53

Lovely to hear your response and most women are supportive and understanding. As my poor old mum used to say rip (there for the grace of god go I ) anyone of us can find ourselves in situations and it seems like this man has used his power over you and this is something that you can get some help with and try to get away from him. Please do that for yourself for a start and try to make little changes from there. Look after yourself and keep us updated and stay safe.


Rocaille · 01/03/2022 22:07

Can you get rid of the 'lovely man', or will he make trouble for you? I hope you're ok, OP. Remember there's always support here for you, regardless of whether you decide to continue escorting or leave.

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