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Ex stripper/webcam worker, also been a honey trap

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Stripperyone · 16/02/2022 19:55

I stopped stripping due to the pandemic but have done two nights since, recently. I missed it.
In light of recent threads wondered if anyone had any questions.

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nevermindtherind · 19/01/2023 10:27

Club not clinic Grin


Stripperyone · 22/01/2023 18:35

@FeelinSpendy It’s most definitely true!
I’ve had many a man buy dances because they wanted to talk. Many! I am remembering a few of them now.

And yes you’re also correct, a lot of them will be like that. And everything in between.
Your last paragraph is exactly how I feel about it if I am honest.

OP posts:

NotTooOldPaul · 02/02/2023 19:46

morninginging · 05/10/2022 20:55

Genuinely, do you think decent, non-sexist men visit strip Clubs (except maybe on a peer pressured stag night). Single or attached. Does it matter?

I did once many years ago. It was about 50 years ago I am getting to be very old I was visiting London and staying with a friend and he suggested it. I hated it.
I was stupid to agree to go but I did.
I like seeing my wife undress as she is beautiful and special and we are in love, she likes seeing me undress too but watching a stranger on a stage is not good.
I hope that I am a decent non-sexist man despite that one mistake.


nevermindtherind · 02/02/2023 19:56


Not sure if you get to decide if you're non sexist (being a man and all that) 😂 but will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Of course doing it as a daft idea or when young on a stag night etc may not mean that much. Or it might depending on your attitude to it.

I believe there are men that find it all a bit gross - for whatever reason. They're probably outnumbered considerably by those that think it's all jolly good fun.

Are you expecting us to believe you only enjoy seeing your wife naked out of all the women in the whole wide world 🫤? Or do you mean you only want to see your wife naked "in the flesh" and up close and personal (as opposed to on film/in your head etc).


NotTooOldPaul · 02/02/2023 20:01

Thanks @ nevermindtherind
Are you expecting us to believe you only enjoy seeing your wife naked out of all the women in the whole wide world 🫤? Or do you mean you only want to see your wife naked "in the flesh" and up close and personal (as opposed to on film/in your head etc).
I don't want to get up close and personal with any other woman. I am happy to say to my wife that some other woman is good looking.
To me seeing someone naked should mean a special sort of relationship, Nothing casual and not shared with a hundred or so other men.


Stripperyone · 04/02/2023 14:58

To people who've responded and I've not replied, OR who have sent me pms, I am sorry, I'm ran off my feet currently with visitors AND training for a new (professional not stripper-y) job and will hopefully be able to tomorrow, not ignoring. :)

OP posts:

sunday12561 · 26/02/2023 14:06

Why would strippers give a free lap dance? My male friend went to one recently with his mates and would have never paid for a private dance. but she stripper gave him one.

Do strippers favour customers they fancy? Or would this have just been a ploy to encourage him to pay for the next one?


Stripperyone · 26/02/2023 21:11

@sunday12561 I am sorry, I just can't answer that! I've never done that or known any girl do that and most clubs wouldn't allow it.

I have known some strippers find their customers attractive and may give their dance for a little longer or spend more time talking to them etc-but never known a free dance be given.
The only thing I've done somewhat like that is, I was talking to a customer and he was deciding whether to get a dance and another customer knocked his drink over and
said sorry but refused to buy him another one. I told the second customer that he really should, it was his fault and he told us both to F off. Nice. So I said to the first customer that I'd buy him a drink if he bought a dance (a drink being about £5 and the cheapest dance being £20 meaning he was sort of getting a 25% discount!

OP posts:

TheySeeMeRowling · 27/02/2023 16:23

Do you remove all your clothes when you give a private dance? How do you make guys you don’t find attractive feel like you enjoy it?

Do you ever go further with men than you should? I don’t mean sex, but would you dance closer or let them touch parts of your body?

Do men try to touch themselves during a dance and how do you stop them?

Have you ever felt unsafe with a man and refused him a dance? How many times have you needed to call a bouncer?


TheySeeMeRowling · 27/02/2023 16:25

Forgot to ask - do men usually tip you on top of the £20? What’s the largest tip you’ve received?


Stripperyone · 28/02/2023 22:50

@TheySeeMeRowling (love your username)!

Yes I do-well I usually keep my shoes on!

I am a pretty good actress. As I said upthread, had I had more self-awareness I think I'd have tried for the performing arts. This fulfils that side of me.

I don't 'enjoy' it per se but I just don't mind it? It doesn't concern me being naked-the only time it has bothered me is if I don't trust a customer, or don't want to be naked near him for some other reason.

No, I've never gone further than I should unless you mean things like exchanging numbers (not allowed really but I've done it) or giving them a couple of mins extra if they promise me a glass of champagne!

Dances are pretty close apart from in 'air dancing' clubs-I didn't enjoy working in those to be honest. I can't sell a product that I feel isn't worth the price.
Some clubs are strictly no contact whatsoever. Most clubs in fact.

My favourite clubs weren't. That's not WHY they were my favourite clubs, but just happened to be that way. Depending on the customer, I didn't mind someone putting their hands on my legs/shoulders/torso. Never anywhere sexual.

I've had a couple of men do the touching themselves thing. It'd be a strict 'Put it away NOW!' They would do. And then I'd obviously be very careful about going anywhere near them during the remainder of the dance. If they got their penis out, I'd call a bouncer.

I can't remember how many times I've had to call a bouncer for that or other reasons. It isn't many-they watch the dances closely anyway and there are cameras-9 times out of ten they'd see if anything untoward went on. Of the times I remember calling or going and getting one, it was for other dancers whose boundaries perhaps weren't quite as formed.

E.G there was one dancer-she was in her mid/late twenties but looked very young. She was very petite with a little doll-like face and baby blonde hair. She is actually very clever and was then studying for her M.A but it left me cold what some customers seemed to perceive of her and were like with her as a result.

The creepy guys would ask her to put a 'little girl' voice on in dances, things such as that.

I was dancing in the VIP lounge and she was dancing on an adjacent sofa, and I saw her customer pick her up.. She told him to put her down, obviously wasn't comfortable with it. I saw him do it again, and again with her protesting each time. I told my customer with apologies that i was pausing the dance and went over and threatened to 'drop kick' him if he did it again. He didn't do it again.

I must clarify that I am quite an athletic looking woman but I am in no way violent or aggressive-I am quite meek in fact. But he believed me for some reason. That situation really wound me up and I felt quite protective of her. The bouncer heard what I was saying and came in and I told him what had happened. So I guess not quite me 'calling' him but a similar situation.

I have refused many a dance. Sometimes if a customer was just being awful and nasty. Sometimes I'd refuse a dance if a customer smelled-I didn't want an awful sweaty (or worse) scent on my clothing and up my nose. Or we'd warn one another if a customer was touchy feely or had assaulted someone.

We'd get tips quite often. One certain ethnicity that frequented my old favourite club at certain times of the year, tipped a LOT. As if it was just par for the course. £50 every few minutes. They'd also spend a lot and were extremely respectful, never any untoward behaviour, lots of compliments, were just a pleasure to dance for. I was never brash enough to ask for tips, but some dancers would. I used to wear tip jar shoes, that attracted tips more-I wish I still had those as a souvenir but I wore them until they fell apart!

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