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I'm autistic. AMA

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Blackbootswithredribbons · 15/11/2021 17:30

Because we so very need to crush stereotypes, and I'm sick of Rain Man.
Ask away!

OP posts:
MsSunshine1 · 28/02/2022 01:27

Hello, when were you diagnosed

Cleothecat75 · 04/03/2022 14:45

Did you attend a mainstream Education setting? How did you find it? Did you have good friends When you were younger or struggle to form relationships with others? As an adult, have you found it easier to make friends or is socialising hard for you?

ofwarren · 04/03/2022 14:49

Do you have special interests? Would you be willing to share what they are?

lollipopsdays · 06/03/2022 06:11

My dd sch is saying she might have autism & want me to give consent for referral. She struggles with changes eg if there is a change of topic or class themes or change of sitting arrangements (she gets very upset crying & can't explain why). Recent house move is made even more upset in sch but very happy at home. She is very good academically. I know almost nothing about autism so I am a bit worried because I don't know how is going to affect her later in life if indeed it is autism- she is 6 Yrs +

Morph22010 · 06/03/2022 06:12

We’re you diagnosed as a child or as an adult?

plantastic · 06/03/2022 06:26

Hello! My 8yo is autistic (she's in mainstream and managing well) and one of the things I struggle with is when to push her a bit to do things and when to hold back. How can we know if it's the autism making her reticent/unwilling to do something, and how can we know if she's just being 8 and trying it on a bit? (My teenage niece is also autistic and does this a lot- you can't ask me to do the washing up because I'll have a meltdown etc, but can you take me into town).

I know it's not as simple as either/or but I wondered if you had any reflections on how you were parented and how to navigate this, recognizing also that we're a family and one person doesn't get to dominate all of our decision making?

autienotnaughty · 06/03/2022 06:44

Hi I am on waiting list for diagnosis he son was diagnosed aged 2. Before I had my son I only knew a bit about autism through my work and the thought of being autistic never occurred to me I assumed I was just odd. I was also terrified going through pathway with my son not knowing what to expect. My son is amazing and because of him I'm a much better parent and a more understanding person of those who struggle in society. I also try to be kinder to myself.

Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:28

Sorry for the late replies- hectic life!

  • I was diagnosed two years ago, as an adult

-I attended mainstream all my life and it was miserable, as an adult I cope better with social stuff
-Special interests are books and history
OP posts:
TheBeesKnee · 08/03/2022 20:29

What's your "tick"?

What's your favourite colour?

Are you sensitive about the texture of socks?

TheBeesKnee · 08/03/2022 20:30

What's your approach/frequency of cleaning?

Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:31

I'd definitely recommend gettin
g on the route for diagnoses, sounds like possible autism to me and it will help her do much in the future (you may need to be firm, they're often reluctant to diagnose girls)

OP posts:
Littlebluebird123 · 08/03/2022 20:32

Would you have preferred to have had your diagnosis earlier?

Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:32

@TheBeesKnee re cleaning- when I can be arsed Grin

OP posts:
LadyGardenersQuestionTime · 08/03/2022 20:32

How did your diagnosis come about, and on balance was it a good thing for you to have that diagnosis?

Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:33

Definitely, my childhood would have been 10x better

OP posts:
Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:35

My stims (or ticks as you call them) are shaking, flapping my hands and humming
Favourite colour is red
I hate seams in socks- a nice soft pair with smooth stitching is the way to go!

OP posts:
Siennabear · 08/03/2022 20:35

What would your advice be for someone who thinks they may be autistic as an adult? Is it worth going to the gp?

TheBeesKnee · 08/03/2022 20:39

[quote Blackbootswithredribbons]@TheBeesKnee
My stims (or ticks as you call them) are shaking, flapping my hands and humming
Favourite colour is red
I hate seams in socks- a nice soft pair with smooth stitching is the way to go![/quote]
Sorry, I forgot the word "stims" and used the best stand in I had to hand. I also flap my hand/wrist in a circle like motion. Also tap my chest.

Can't stand textures in socks.

I have been told I come across as autistic, but never diagnosed. It seems we have some things in common!

Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:45

Very common autistic trait, common with anxiety too. I think the best way round is understanding why she is relectutant and helping her round it.
Growing up, my parents would force me to do things by way of threats (often carried out, too) and I was only motivated by anxiety. If they had taken the time to talk with me and try to understand it would have meant the world.
Eg, she won't brush her teeth. Is it the flavour or scent of the toothpaste? The way the toothbrush feels? What can you do to make it more comfortable?
Won't wash up? Texture of old food? Hot water?
Scared to try a new club? Fear of people she doesn't know? Uneasy about not being good enough at the activity? Etc
There is often a very good reason, and more often than not they may want to do the thing, but feel they can't. Communication is key.

OP posts:
Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:50

Definitely speak to the GP, highlight your concerns and push for a referral. If you can afford it, go private for diagnoses as it's quicker, NHS will take an age.

OP posts:
Blackbootswithredribbons · 08/03/2022 20:55

I thought I might be autistic for quite a while, researched it etc, and then went to the GP for referral. Eventually went private with parents financial aid and got the diagnoses.
It's ultimately been amazing, I have a word for how I am, I access support for auties etc and I take pride in it

OP posts:
vinoandbrie · 10/03/2022 20:47

My DD is eight and in mainstream education. She has a full time 1:1, who is fab. She doesn’t seem aware of her differences, she is in her own world.

Would it be a kindness to sit her down and tell her, or should we keep going as things are, with the support in place but not setting our to her that she is autistic? I feel very reluctant to sit her down and tell her, as I want to protect her from everything, and would hate for her to be upset by the diagnosis, but am feeling pushed by school.

Thanks for your AMA!

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