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I can (maybe) help find lost items AMA

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Phepho · 29/10/2021 20:02

Having posted on another thread, I thought I'd start my own.
I'm quite good at finding lost objects. If you've lost something then tell me a little about it and I'll try to help.

OP posts:
ivfbabymomma1 · 29/10/2021 20:06

Excellent!!! Thank you! My mum bought me a blue stone necklace and I didn't appreciate it at the time but now I really wish I had it! I last saw it at my mums but I've moved out to my house so it could be anywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

FasterthanBolt · 29/10/2021 20:07

Ooh yes please! I've lost one ear bud (headphone). It's in my bedroom but I need to pinpoint it.

themuttsnutts · 29/10/2021 20:09

I've lost an autograph from a fsmous person

oneglassandpuzzled · 29/10/2021 20:09

Black fountain pen, please! I’d love it back. πŸ™‚

Phepho · 29/10/2021 20:11

A net or mesh bag, hanging up.
Does that make any sense?

OP posts:
MichelleScarn · 29/10/2021 20:12

St Anthony? Is that you? Wink

Lost a silver pearl drop earrings Sad

WoMandalorian · 29/10/2021 20:12

Were you the poster who found the nintendo switch? That was great Grin
My son has lost his Happy toy (the crocodile from Hey Duggee).

Cantstopthewaves · 29/10/2021 20:13

Hi Phepho

I can't find the thread you were discovered on so I can't see if you replied to me. Sorry.
Did you have any info on my missing ruby pendant?

ivfbabymomma1 · 29/10/2021 20:13

@Phepho yes!!! My mums garage is full of random bags of stuff hanging in!! Thank you I'll report back x

Phepho · 29/10/2021 20:13

On the carpet or rug, the very corner of a furniture or a wall.

OP posts:
LikeACatInTheDark · 29/10/2021 20:15

Where did I put that packet of tobacco, please?

hairymclarey152 · 29/10/2021 20:15

We can't find our wedding rings since we've had our house decorated we think there in a box somewhere
Any suggestions x

Phepho · 29/10/2021 20:15

What was the autograph on?

OP posts:
Theunamedcat · 29/10/2021 20:15

My daughters baby blankets

themuttsnutts · 29/10/2021 20:15

A photocard

DuckWithOneWing · 29/10/2021 20:16

Where is my watch? It's a Swatch brand, my sister bought it me for a present once. I wore it for a night out and can't find it again afterwards! It's almost like it never existed

Indoorcamping · 29/10/2021 20:16

My grans old keyring.

It says "smile I'm thinking of you"


BrownEyedWoman · 29/10/2021 20:17

Hi @Phepho - do you know where my Nan's wedding ring is? I know I had it when we moved into our house (7 years ago), but put it 'somewhere safe.' Do you know where it is? TIA Smile

FelicityBeedle · 29/10/2021 20:17

I saw you on the other thread! A beaded earring, goldy bronze and green teal seed beads, handmade! Not holding much hope

Phepho · 29/10/2021 20:17

Junk drawer. Sorry, that's all I'm getting

OP posts:
isthismylifenow · 29/10/2021 20:17

Both of my dogs vet cards. And no, I didn't leave them at the vets. (I did check)

Luckylau · 29/10/2021 20:17

I've lost a Ruby necklace my dad gave me from India

tbtf · 29/10/2021 20:19

I've lost my wedding ring Sad I think my 2 year old got it out of my bedside drawer, it's been in there since I swelled up in a heatwave heavily pregnant and it still doesn't fit now Blush

Iamanicepersonreally · 29/10/2021 20:19

My dad's watch. He's passed away and I'd love to find it. Thank you

Phepho · 29/10/2021 20:20

A basket, like the bottom of a buggy or toy shopping trolley?

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