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My oh drinks way too much

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dilmor · 11/09/2021 10:53

Exactly what it says.
He says he is not an alcoholic because he is not dependent on it - whilst this is true, he always drinks 2 nights a week but sometimes as much as 5 nights of the week.
I'm not talking about a beer with his dinner or bottle of wine for the evening. I mean full on litre of a spirit plus beers. He drinks slowly enough so he doesn't go to sleep til 4 am at times ...

OP posts:
hufffflufff · 17/09/2021 22:49

I think you put this in the wrong section OP!

BobbiPinsOn · 09/10/2021 10:27

wrong section

Wolfiefan · 09/10/2021 10:29

He is an alcoholic.
He needs to be an ex OP.

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