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Moving to Bahrain AMA

29 replies

GreenSpiral · 26/06/2021 00:31

My husband and I are teachers and moving to Bahrain in August. AMA 😄

OP posts:
MadMadMadamMim · 26/06/2021 00:42

Did you read their record on Human rights before taking this decision?

GloomyWaters · 26/06/2021 00:43

How much are you earning?

movingadviceneeded · 26/06/2021 00:45

Take sunscreen.

GreenSpiral · 26/06/2021 00:49

@MadMadMadamMim - No I did not

@GloomyWaters - Not much more, about £2500 a month take home but we'll be able to save more out there than here

@movingadviceneeded - Deffo Grin

OP posts:
MadMadMadamMim · 26/06/2021 01:18

Perhaps find time before you go.

It's not great.

CorvusPurpureus · 26/06/2021 01:33

You probably need more of a Tell Me Anything from teachers already in the ME, maybe...

That's not a brilliant salary tbh - does the package cover accommodation, flights, health insurance in addition? Any kids? If so, do you get free school places?

northstars · 26/06/2021 12:52

Not sure how much you can answer about moving to Bahrain considering you haven’t actually moved to Bahrain. Oh well.

katscamel · 26/06/2021 19:59

I worked there several years ago and am always interested in the changes that have happened over the years.
Have a great time...have great holidays (one of the advantages of living in the M.E) and good luck with the humidity.
As for the human rights is unfortunately the same as all the GCC countries though Oman I don't think is quite as bad. You will see how the workers from S.E Asia are treated, you will come across a lot of racism but.... at the end of the day a job is a job and you need to go where is best for you.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep · 26/06/2021 20:00

Why on earth would you move to the Middle East for £2.5k a month??

Newnamefor2021 · 26/06/2021 22:06

My SIL lived there, she hated it, found everything expensive despite her husband earning well and having very generous company benefits.

Cdstjooyv · 01/07/2021 02:59

I lived and worked in schools there for 3 years - incredible country with some real beauty, I’d move back in a heart beat. Good luck!

habibihabibi · 01/07/2021 04:00

I also absolutely loved loving there.
It has a kind of faded charm about it. Some truly amazing restaurants too.
Is it BSB or St C you are off to ?

MrsTerryPratchett · 01/07/2021 04:03

I was a kid in international schools. Some great teachers. I am a bit confused about why anyone would schools your geography for that cash.

whatthelump · 03/07/2021 20:00

I live in Bahrain now and absolutely love it here!

Good luck with the move ❤️

GreenSpiral · 04/07/2021 00:46

Wow! Do you guys have any tips? 😅

OP posts:
Sexlife · 04/07/2021 00:48


whatthelump · 04/07/2021 04:27

Are you coming in your own or as a family?!
Which school are you going to?

These are important as to where your going to live. Most teachers who travelled on their own live around juffair/Manama way as there's more happening.
Families will live closer to the schools as traffic (precovid) is horrendous.

Life here is good, everything is expensive. Well except fuel 😂

There's lots to do, I feel very safe in the current covid climate! I also have no issues going anywhere on my own walking etc as a female.

If your never been to the Middle East in august before, the temps will likely floor you. The "feels like" temperature was up at 54c etc last summer. The pools are like soup so no help either, but by the time October comes the weather is amazing!

Goawaymuppet · 04/07/2021 04:34

Find out what happened to the doctors who treated protesters during the uprising a few years back.
Have a quick look at what Amnesty International have to say about the place.

GreenSpiral · 04/07/2021 15:58

I'm moving with my husband and 5yo DD.

We're looking to live in either Manama or Saar Grin

OP posts:
whatthelump · 04/07/2021 20:15

When we first arrived and we're waiting on our furniture we had a short term rental in Manama that gave us a chance to look around villas and stuff.

There's a British mums in Bahrain page on Facebook and is a wealth of knowledge and there's always someone to point you in the right direction

Rent is high - but EWA needs to be seriously considered before you move in somewhere. Our first villa our summer EWA bills were 600bd A MONTH! So ask around about any apartment/compound too x

habibihabibi · 05/07/2021 13:16

When we lived there utilities hadn't been hiked up and all my colleagues rented huge pool villas. My house had 9 bathrooms, vast halls, a gigantic pool. Those places are all empty now.

whatthelump · 05/07/2021 19:07

I love my villa I'm in now. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, outdoor kitchen and maids room, huge separate living room and dining room. Our hallway is big enough to have a full size pool table - couldn't imagine living anywhere else now. Shared compound pool though, oh the hardship 😂


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Dinosaurballoon · 01/09/2021 19:38

Did you go op? Any updates ?

GreenSpiral · 01/09/2021 21:46

Hi - Yes we're in Bahrain! We've been here nearly 2 weeks now! We're settling into our new home and have started work so haven't done any exploring yet!

We're hoping to do more when the weather cools a bit Grin

OP posts:
Dinosaurballoon · 01/09/2021 23:19

Oh wow that’s great you made it over! Hope you all settle in ok!

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