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I'm a 30 yo woman who plays Fortnite most evenings... AMA!

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NotAGreatGamer · 18/04/2021 00:33

AMA Grin

OP posts:
osbertthesyrianhamster · 18/04/2021 00:36

So do you think you're addicted? Do you spend money on it? Do you think it should be for 18+ ages?

NotAGreatGamer · 18/04/2021 00:39

I know I'm not addicted. I don't play if there's a film I want to watch or if I have work to do.

I've spent Β£6.99 for the battle pass but that's a one off payment and now I earn all the rewards without having to but the pass again and again.

No I don't think it should be 18+.

OP posts:
Valhalla17 · 18/04/2021 00:42

I'm 42 and do the same. Grin

Generally an hour a day. And no to the PP, it doesnt need to be 18 at all! It's advised for age 12 at the moment due to the online chat functionality (you cant control what some players come out with etc) but it's very tame, good fun. My son plays and he's 10. We often play together.

osbertthesyrianhamster · 18/04/2021 00:45

My son has ASD and ADHD and became so addicted to it he wound up in rehab. We can never have any games consoles again even though he still gets violent about it. I guess it's fine in the right hands.

MummyT13 · 18/04/2021 00:52

@NotAGreatGamer I'm 30 YO, I play fortnite every night as soon as the kids go to bed! Love levelling up πŸ˜‚ I'm not ashamed and I've got 2 kids who are 5 & 7 and they think it's cool! I speak to all their friends about me playing it. You're not alone πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ P.S... I'm level 56 atm but I don't like this new season πŸ™„

GnomeOrMistAndIceGuy · 18/04/2021 00:56

36yo gamer here too op. Wow and FF14 myself Smile
Partner is equally into games as me, no kids and all the time in the world to enjoy!

NotAGreatGamer · 18/04/2021 00:57

Hi @Valhalla17 and @MummyT13

I'm level 97! Tbf I have been isolating for 20 days so have had A LOT of free time Grin

I didn't like it at first but now that I'm used to the new weapons and have my preferred load out, I'm enjoying it! Hate the dinosaurs!

OP posts:
EmeraldShamrock · 18/04/2021 01:00

Do you have children?

NotAGreatGamer · 18/04/2021 01:02

I have one daughter. She's four Grin

OP posts:
MummyT13 · 18/04/2021 01:04

@NotAGreatGamer also not a fan of the dinosaurs πŸ¦– I loved the avenger season to be honest! I wish you could play all seasons new and old! Dinosaurs are like the sharks πŸ˜‚ wasn't a shark fan either...

EmeraldShamrock · 18/04/2021 01:04

At 4 she's probably in bed.
Mine are 12 and 6. DP games now 3 times a week he's tired from work other nights - he misses out on the DC's life especially with later bedtime over lockdown.

EmeraldShamrock · 18/04/2021 01:07

@osbertthesyrianhamster I read fortnite is the worst for ASD DC. DP plays COD he thinks fortnite short sharp rounds are frustrating not for the impatient.

MummyT13 · 18/04/2021 01:09

@EmeraldShamrock There are different mode so they can play creative which are pretty much endless games so it depends what mode you play. My nephew has ADHD and plays creative a lot.

EmeraldShamrock · 18/04/2021 01:19

@MummyT13 That's good to know. Smile

safariboot · 18/04/2021 01:23

If Fortnite shut down tomorrow what do you think you'd play instead?

Flippyflops2021 · 18/04/2021 01:35

What else do you play?
I play a lot of Assasins creed, Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m 35 😁

ApplesinmyPocket · 18/04/2021 02:18

I'm 64, currently I play Baldur's Gate Grin

I was there at the dawn of computer games - my first addiction was a text-only MUD which, despite all the amazing visual and animated games which came later, was probably the best thing I ever played. The most immersive and the most real. People talk about 'Camelot' or 'the Picts' and I think oh yes, I was there, or oh god those Picts were hell to fight, and then I remember it was only in my own head, but none the less vivid for that... happy memories.

Not got into Fortnite yet but I'd probably love it. Though Baldur's Gate and the quest I'm on is calling, so.. maybe not yet.

AJ297 · 18/04/2021 02:42

I'm nearing 30 and my husband and I play this together most nights πŸ˜‚

NotAGreatGamer · 18/04/2021 07:13

I think the Avengers season was my fave too. I miss having bosses and vaults to raid!

There's endless possibilities in creative mode but I rarely play it.

I play with my husband too Grin I play on the switch, he plays on the PS4. We make a good team most of the time!

If Fortnite shut down, I'd probably play COD but I don't like it as much. I've loved the Uncharted games and Red Dead 2 but my favourite game, hands down is Zelda Breath of the Wild. It's incredible!

OP posts:
Valhalla17 · 18/04/2021 09:08

I'm L47 at the mo @NotAGreatGamer, o tend to take it easy then go mad trying to get max levels as the season starts to draw to a close! I'm really enjoying it this season but yep I reckon Avengers was also my fave. The dinos are a real pain, do so much damage!!

I also like Assasins Creed, The Witcher and COD...but dont really have time for them at the mo!

Bythevennel · 18/04/2021 09:20

Oh is this like gamers anonymous.
My name is vennel, I am 47 and I spend too much time playing beat sabre Grin
Never could get the hang of fortnite but hand me a VR headset and It's game on!

NotAGreatGamer · 18/04/2021 11:58

It is like Gamers Annon Grin

OP posts:

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MummyT13 · 19/04/2021 07:54

@Bythevennel never tried the VR is it good?

πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ gamers anonymous!

Brainfogisreal · 19/04/2021 08:03


@Bythevennel never tried the VR is it good?

They're amazing. A whole other world. I spent winter lockdown travelling the world on Google earth VR. You can literally go anywhere you want. When it was dark and wet outside I was like I'm off to malibu, see you all in an hour Grin. But beat sabre is my absolute favourite.

MummyT13 · 19/04/2021 08:22

@Brainfogisreal it sounds amazing might have to do it! Does it have a noise cancelling headset? Could really do without the kids shouting at me to get off their PlayStation while I'm on holiday in Malibu πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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