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I work in Covid Wards - ama

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Ragiam · 26/02/2021 20:30

Not sure if it's been covered before...
I've worked for the NHS for many years, and for the past year have mostly worked in Covid Wards/red areas. Not ICU or HDU but wards for elderly patients admitted with covid. Feel free to AMA!

OP posts:
Tehmina23 · 01/03/2021 13:33

I've worked on them too for some shifts... my usual ward accepts post Covid patients & some really elderly people with significant co morbidity have survived Covid, although usually their mobility has suffered.
It's nice to see the post Covid patients gradually improving in their daily functioning.

Tehmina23 · 01/03/2021 13:34

I don't think the ppe is adequate for those working on the Covid wards full time.

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