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Any Architects?

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Overseasmom100 · 27/07/2020 08:23

Where do you get all your clients from and where do you advertise if you are freelance? Do you use LinkedUp or attend any business group meetings etc.

Any information helpful thank you

OP posts:
Overseasmom100 · 27/07/2020 16:18

No architects

OP posts:
HermioneMakepeace · 29/07/2020 00:43

Bumpity bump, would love an AMA from an Architect!

Actually, we need a 'Which AMA do you wish someone would post'? thread.

longtimecomin · 29/07/2020 01:55

All the architects are busy! Housing is booming right now.

ElizabethMainwaring · 29/07/2020 09:23


No architects

Hi op, you've posted this in the wrong place, which is why you've received no helpful responses.
Try posting on the Work board in Talk.
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