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My partner has had, and has recovered from, Covid-19. AMA

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ICantBelieveThisNameWasntTaken · 01/07/2020 23:50

As per the title, DP had Covid and has now recovered. For anybody who is worried about the virus I'm happy to answer any questions from my own personal experiences of having a loved one with a confirmed diagnosis of the virus. I understand it's a sensitive topic and not everybody has been as fortunate but I'm hoping my perspective will be useful in its own way.

So as not to drip feed, our children and I did not get infected by the virus.

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FlowerTink · 01/07/2020 23:59

Where you and the children didn't get the virus, were you isolating your DP in the house somewhere? Or were you still mixing?

ICantBelieveThisNameWasntTaken · 02/07/2020 00:01

We were still mixing, because by the time he started showing symptoms I knew that we had all already been exposed to the virus. I was petrified, though, that I would get it too. Thankfully I didn't and neither did DCs, so I was able to care for DP.

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ArcheryAnnie · 02/07/2020 00:09

Do you mean you weren't infected at all (ie had a test which came back negative) or you don't know whether you were infected or not, but in any case remained asymptomatic?

blueshoes · 02/07/2020 00:11

How badly was your DP affected - did he have to go to hospital?

ICantBelieveThisNameWasntTaken · 02/07/2020 00:49

@ArcheryAnnie the second one, my children and I showed no symptoms and there was never a reason for us to get tested.

@blueshoes he was affected fairly severely, he needed oxygen in hospital and developed pneumonia but very fortunately didn't require a ventilator. Once he was back from hospital we needed to keep a constant eye on his O2 stats and he did have to go back at one point by for a shorter time.

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CrowdedHouseinQuarantine · 02/07/2020 00:54

do you know where he got it?
what is his work/age/physical fitness?
how are his lungs now?

TooExtraImmatureCheddar · 02/07/2020 00:56

How long was he ill for?

ICantBelieveThisNameWasntTaken · 02/07/2020 01:25

He got it from a member of the household who had travelled on public transport and did not social distance or observe the lockdown rules at all. He is in his late thirties, he's a public sector worker, he carries extra weight which I am only mentioning as it is a risk factor but otherwise he was healthy. He seems to have made a full recovery in terms of his lungs. He is able to cycle long distances and exercise. He was ill for around 4-5 weeks. At the time, research and facts about the illness and death/recovery rates were all over the shop, so I was extremely anxious about what I should expect to come.

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blueshoes · 03/07/2020 00:27

I am glad he is better now. Must have been a worrying time.

Is he left with any lingering symptoms?

Grandmi · 03/07/2020 00:36

My sisters partner was tested positive at the beginning of March .He had been on a photography course in London and he spent all day beside a guy who had been skiing in Italy. Sisters partner spiked a really high temperature and had a test a few days later ( which he paid for) . He was very lucky and spent a couple of weeks feeling exhausted and a bit breathless but manageable. My sister tested negative despite being in close proximity to her partner whilst he was very unwell!! Very odd !

ICantBelieveThisNameWasntTaken · 03/07/2020 10:19

@blueshoes occasionally he gets a lot more exhausted than he used to get prior to having been diagnosed. I'm genuinely not sure if it's a lingering symptom but it seems like one, as he was absolutely through the floor with exhaustion while he was ill.

@Grandmi I can totally relate with everything you've said there! I feel lucky that DP only got as sick as he did, I feel even luckier and happy, and kind of baffled that I didn't get it. But so grateful that I was able to care for DCs and they also didn't get sick as that would have been a whole new level of worry.

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