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Am I being taken for granted?

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Cornishgal987 · 10/04/2020 23:10

Hi everyone, I am hoping you can all help am I being taken for granted or am I unreasonable? Our daughter is 3 1/2 months old, she sleeps really well and we have been very lucky to have an easy, as it can be, first few months with her. My issue is if my partner is slacking? I have a full time job which I will return to in a few months, I own my house and have always worked hard. We met online and he came to live with me. Now he is a lovely guy, honest, reliable, caring, calm and trustworthy and he is a great dad, DD adores him. However he is a gamer and gaming takes up alot if time, he was working part time before the coronavirus started and will have his job back when it's over, he is also setting up a business so is busy and i undersrand that. However days have been me getting up at 6 with DD, he sleeps until 11/12ish then is on the computer most the day. We then eat and put her to bed at 730 to 8ish, then we may have an hour before he rushes upstairs to game with his friends and brothers every night at 9ush until 2 or 3 am. I keep saying I'm not happy he tried to fix it but ultimately everyday he will game online with friends etc for 5 hours or so yet today he spent half an hour with me, the whole time on his phone then ran upstairs to game. I feel so alone, fed up, all I do is clean and look after DD everyday all day and I hate myself for complaining at him all the time but I feel like everything else is more important than me.

OP posts:
Cornishgal987 · 10/04/2020 23:27

I should add I'm 35, he's 33 and DD sleeps 8pm ish until 6am ish with only 1 dreamfeed at 12am ish

OP posts:
ChatWithMe · 15/04/2020 20:48

OMG! Sounds like you're a single parent raising two kids. He's very selfish. You need to set some boundaries I think. Calm conversation about how you feel taken for granted and specifically how you expect him to do more for you and his baby. I hope he's not your child care for when you go back to work cause that poor child is gonna starve while he satisfies his addiction to games. Good luck OP x

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