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I was a Holiday Rep for years AMA

3 replies

maddiemookins16mum · 26/02/2020 05:49

Worked all over the place for nearly 2 decades........AMA

OP posts:
GhostsToMonsoon · 01/03/2020 20:28

What's the most ridiculous customer compaint you ever had to deal with?

Did you go on holiday yourself and manage to switch off from rep mode?

Where was the best place you worked?

glitterbiscuits · 01/03/2020 20:29

Where wouldn't you go on holidays?

FickleTickle · 01/03/2020 20:34

Would you recommend it as a job?

Do you speak many languages?

What was the easiest nationality to deal with? And the most difficult? (I worked with tour buses for a time and have an opinion about this, wondering what your experience was like)

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