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I was the side chick and I didn't know

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bruync · 18/02/2020 19:09


So I have been seeing this guy for more than a year. I recently found out he had a girlfriend the whole time. She contacted me asking me how I know him. She asked me for the truth. I told her the truth. I told her every thing.

He then apparently convinced her that I am crazy and making things up. Now she calls me a horrible person and a liar.

Why must I be blamed for his lies? I didn't even know about her.

I fell pregnant with his child but lost the baby. He has a child with her.

At first she was mad at him but he proposed the next day and now all is well with them and she blames me for causing trouble. She keeps messaging me telling me how horrible I am and won't leave me alone.

OP posts:
DowntonCrabby · 18/02/2020 19:12

Not sure what you’re looking for on AMA.

Please block both of them for your own sanity and report any further harassment to the police. Flowers

What a dick he is, you’ve had a lucky escape, that deluded woman is buying all his lies, poor cow.

Surfer25 · 22/02/2020 09:16

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lostinleaves · 22/02/2020 09:37

Ignore Surfer, she's being ridiculous.

BlueJava · 22/02/2020 09:38

Block and get rid of both! Not sure why this is an AMA.

kevintheorangecarrot · 22/02/2020 12:04

I was as well many moons ago. Only once! It wasn't til after we had sex that he told me he was still with his girlfriend. I never slept with him again and ceased all contact after he tried texting me and asked if we can meet again (no fucking way). Why is this AMA? Just block them both!

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