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I’m a care assistant AMA

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nonamemummy · 18/02/2020 15:42

I’m a care assistant, ask me anything

OP posts:
chickedeee · 18/02/2020 15:43

Do you feel valued?

What would improve your job role?

JustMyName · 18/02/2020 15:44

What does your job include? How many people do you care for? Do you find it physically demanding?

nonamemummy · 18/02/2020 15:58

@chickedeee yeah I do it feels good knowing how much we’re helping the residents. We’re always being told how much we’ve helped people and how much they appreciate what we do

OP posts:
nonamemummy · 18/02/2020 16:02

@JustMyName my job is just to help with everyday living for the elderly residents in our home. I help with getting them up, washed and dressed, assisting with meal times, helping the residents take part in activities and attend appointments etc

There’s about 50+ rooms in the home which is divided into 3 floors

Yes it can be physically demanding as some of the residents are unable to move so can be a lot of manual handling.

@chickedeee forgot to answer your second question. Having more staff would improve my job

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