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Am I being stupid?

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Ara2008 · 05/02/2020 23:25

SadHi I hope someone can give me so advise, I will make it as short as possible. So I have an illness which can be life threatening but at the moment I’m ill but it’s not life threatening, I got a virus/flu three weeks ago which resulted in me struggling to do basic things. I’m a single mother and was signed off work for the three weeks until my body was able to move again and cope, I was sent to hospital in this time but had to discharge myself due to being a single mother. My mother lives around the corner and has not even texted me to check on me or to find out how the kids are. I feel totally alone as it’s been so hard and she hasn’t cared one bit knowing I’m having a bad time. Am I being stupid to feel this way?

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Ara2008 · 05/02/2020 23:32

I think I asked for advice on the wrong thread. Sorry!

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lexiepuppy · 01/03/2020 00:53

You are not stupid to feel the way you do.

You might want to research about Complex PTSD, it is having a traumatic childhood and it sounds like your mother is possibly cold and uncaring( like mine!).
Also research about Childhood Emotional neglect.

I hope you are feeling better now.
Sorry to hear that you have a completely useless, uncaring mother(I have one of those too).
I hope you are ALL better!Flowers

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