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AMA- I'm adopted and am now in contact with my birth family

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Alwaysinamess · 11/10/2019 18:04

I didn't know my birth family growing up, I was adopted just after my first birthday so I had no memory of them but I got in contact with my birth mum 8 years ago. I'm not sure if this will be useful or interesting to others but I thought I would give it a go

OP posts:
VictoriaBun · 11/10/2019 18:06

I hope it worked out for you and you got the answers to the questions you must have had for your birth mother.

Drizzzle · 24/10/2019 15:25

What is your realtionship with them like now?

Brackish · 24/10/2019 15:27

What were you most worried about/afraid of as your first meeting with your birth mother approached?

msmith501 · 24/10/2019 15:33

What was the reaction / support like from your adoptive mum?

PotteringAlong · 24/10/2019 15:34

Are you cross with them?

Thethingswedoforlove · 24/10/2019 15:35

How long did it take you to work up the courage to first make contact? Did you have counselling before you reached out? How did your parents feel about you being in touch with your birth mother?

HauntedmessFrogbeaver · 24/10/2019 15:35

Can I please ask what is the reason given for the adoption having taken place, and do you have any new siblings and did they know about you?

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