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I have bipolar disorder - AMA

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Askmeanything8202 · 01/09/2019 13:50

NC as could be outing.

I have Bipolar Disorder (formally manic depression)

Ask me anything.

OP posts:
BSintolerant · 02/09/2019 23:11

Thank you for starting this thread @Askmeanything8202.

Has bipolar always been part of your life in some way, or was there a particular event or series of events which triggered your illness?

theendofsummer · 14/09/2019 23:06

Was it apparent in childhood. Do you have any co morbid conditions e.g ADHD ?

Chewysmum · 15/09/2019 01:47

Have you found it hard to make friends? I've recently been diagnosed after avoiding doctors for many years. I was diagnosed with ocd in my early teens (25 years ago) but didn't bother seeking help since until a couple of years ago. My problem seems to be that when I'm at a low point I don't keep in touch with people, don't answer calls or texts and don't go online (I don't have accounts on any social media anyway). People that I've been friendly with in the past have drifted away because I can't seem to stay in touch. I haven't spoken to any of my family for many years. Have you had similar issues or do you have any advice? It gets lonely sometimes

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