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14 Year age gap 19 & 34. AMA

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younglovelasts · 13/08/2019 18:54

When DH & I started our relationship I was 19 & he was 34, I see on here a lot that people with bigger age gaps get judged so I thought I would do an AMA so people with a prejudgment of this sort of relationship can ask questions.

If anyone is interested, I know this will be VERY boring to most 😄

OP posts:
younglovelasts · 13/08/2019 18:55

Im also female, that info may help ☺️

OP posts:
iMatter · 13/08/2019 19:04

I don't think that's a huge age gap tbh

Certainly not as much as my mate whose 65 year old husband has been having an affair with a 24 year old 😬

prettylittlebirds · 13/08/2019 19:08

What did your parents think at the time?

Asking because I'm seeing a guy 18 years my elder. I'm 22 and he's 40!

younglovelasts · 13/08/2019 19:10

@iMatter Wow! That makes our gap look like nothing !

OP posts:
younglovelasts · 13/08/2019 19:12

@prettylittlebirds they didn't really have an opinion, iv always been very mature and self-dependent! They let him in the house so that was a good sign.

OP posts:
HappyGirl86 · 13/08/2019 19:13

How long have you been together?

younglovelasts · 13/08/2019 19:17

@HappyGirl86 coming up to 7 years

OP posts:
HappyGirl86 · 13/08/2019 19:26

Something must be working then! Smile

What do your friends think? Do you socialise as a group?

younglovelasts · 13/08/2019 19:54

@HappyGirl86 A lot of my friends at the time told me not to be with him, I don't speak to them anymore because they tried to sabotage the relationship, the couple of friends who supported my decision we are close with and I have made a lot of new friends through DH, they are all his age but were always accepting of me from the beginning.

We socialise together mainly with his friends, my friends don't have children yet and we do so makes it a bit more difficult! They do come round for films & food though ☺️

OP posts:
HollowTalk · 13/08/2019 19:58

Do you want to socialise with middle aged people, though?

younglovelasts · 13/08/2019 20:59

@HollowTalk Yes, Like I said I have always been very mature for my age never been a big drinker when ever I went on nights out id end up looking after my drunk friends & lending them money for more drink.

That's why I personally believe when it comes to big age gap relationships you should look at the people and not the age of them, I am in my 20's but act like a 40 year old woman that loves nights in and slippers Wink

OP posts:
HollowTalk · 13/08/2019 22:11

It's not very mature to lend drunk friends money for more drink!

ch3rrycola · 13/08/2019 22:27

14 years between my DP and I been together 15 years Smile

MsTSwift · 13/08/2019 22:33

Most 40 year old women don’t love nights in and slippers Hmm. The ones I know myself included have a new lease of life as kids less needy. I think 19 and 34 is abit icky tbh. Personally 6 years in either direction would be my limit but I guess society smiles on older men younger women which is quite tough on older women. Which you will be one day (if you’re lucky). Time catches up with all of us...,

younglovelasts · 14/08/2019 07:41

@HollowTalk ahh I only did with the smart one! She could handle her drink but not her money Wine

OP posts:
younglovelasts · 14/08/2019 07:41

@ch3rrycola aw congrats! ☺️ xx

OP posts:
younglovelasts · 14/08/2019 07:44

@MsTSwift Yes, I said A 40 year old woman! Not ALL 40 year old women.

You can't please everyone, my DH & I are very happy in our relationship you wouldn't look at us and see a 14 year age gap so thats a plus...

Not quite sure what you mean about the tough on older women part.

Just to clarify to anyone else who may have a question, DH was single with no DC when we got together.

OP posts:
WalkofShame · 14/08/2019 07:50

Thirteen year age gap here and married for 18 years.

Like you, OP, I’ve always been an old soul.

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