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I was raised by my grandparents- Ask me anything

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Mysteriously · 22/07/2019 13:27

My mum was in and out of my life so I lived with her on and off untill I was around 8 and went to live with my grandparents permanently. AMA if anyone wants to? Smile

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IHeartKingThistle · 22/07/2019 13:31


I have taught a few kids in similar situations and almost all of them have had behaviour issues or similar. Was this the case with you at school and why/why not?

Was that a bit abrupt? Sorry!

CATTY15 · 22/07/2019 13:35

I'm bringing my two grandchildren up as they were no longer able to live with their mum.
I love them as if they were my own but can't help feeling second best to their mum in their eyes.
Did your grandparents have any of their own children living at home when you were there? I have one child who is 4 years older at home and there is a divide between them.
I feel guilty most days one way or another!

Mysteriously · 22/07/2019 14:01

@IHeartKingThistle I did struggle with my behaviour sometimes, I found if I had say recently seen my mum or something about the situation was upsetting me instead of actually getting upset I'd become really loud and disruptive instead but as I got older my behaviour got better.
@CATTY15 my uncle did live there for a while but he was an adult by then so that's a bit different but sorry I can't be more helpful

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sl07 · 22/07/2019 14:05

Are you an only child?

Do you find it hard to express your feelings in relationships/friendships due to abandonment issues?

Do you have a father who is present in your life or is your mother and father both absent?

Intrested because I am similar

Mysteriously · 22/07/2019 14:15

I have a half brother (same father). My dad has never been very present in my life but I still hear from him sometimes.
I do find it quite hard to open up to people, I had a few close relationships then I keep a bit of distance from everyone else. Not sure if that's because of abandonment issues or just the way I am

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