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Contract opinion what will happen in 3 months

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anonymous1982 · 29/06/2019 00:20

Hi there

I would like to know what you think may have happened and what is likely to happen please.

Situation presented here contains duped figures and names to protect my identity but the scenario itself is real

About me - man 38 years old earning £45 a year in IT

What I was looking and got - extra income (to pay mortgage and clear my debts) by remote working in addition to my full time job. Got a freelance contract for 37 hours a week for £5 a day through a recruitment agent initially for 2 months 2 months ago

What I said I specialise in - very specific skills - say making eggs (as I said its not real) that no body can do but lots or people can make eggs (just a comparison)

This has what happened so far:

  • I did not deliver the work in 2 months because of what they want to achieve was impractical
  • manager there is definitely happy with me and also told the agent with what I have been doing she far
  • I was asked to come up with a plan to show what needs to happen and different things to deliver the work

My contract is due up for renewal today
  • I planned the work for 6 months with again requiring the same full hours I have been doing for 2 months
  • i was grilled on my plan by my CIO for an hour and few others yesterday. Not sure if I did well or not but knowing me I know I definitely balls that up
  • I knew all along they will definetly extend my contract but never sure how long far or how many hours

Renewal contract


  • my agent followed up with the manager to ask what's going to happen to renewal
  • my manager told her that they want to renew my contract on month by month basis
  • apparently agent tells me she asked for commitment for longer duration
  • manager spoke to agent today saying option is one month at a time £5 a day but good chance it will be for 6 months but still month by month basis. If wanted for longer he demanded discount. Remember this is a large scale educational establishment located north of englang
  • agent calls me offering me £4.5 a day for 3 months or £5 a day on month by month basis
  • I shouted at the agent the discount shouldn't even be considered and asked the agent to cut back on the commission and pay me £4.8 a day
  • I also called my manager direct immediately to. 'Ask for feedback' from yesterday and apologised for calling in the phie off guard. Call lasted 5 minutes and obviously he knew I was checking about contract situation

I don't trust agents and thought she was trying to skim more money from me but turnsout it was right that my manager did ask for discount to her

  • agent calls me stating two options again I.e. £5 at a month or £4.5 for 3 months even though it's a 6 month plan I put together
  • shouted at agent again to try harder on their side - she hung up and said she will call me later
  • fast forward few hours later she calls me and says £4.8 for 3 months - what I proposed. She told me that she spoke to my manager and a back and forth discussions led to this. Her reasons of exactly why the change in mind is not convincing tbh

My observations

  • I think my manager wants to cut down in my cost and get his perm employee to learn how to make eggs
  • he would have graudually reduced my hours if I went for £5 contract for one month rolling time
  • it was better for me to offer £4.8 and secure at least 3 month contract
  • not sure if agent was secretly behind the manager plan to cut me loose after 3 months and get someone else in
  • not sure if I upset agent or not to deal with me again as I was aggressive with costs
  • not particularly fussed I did upset her or not but maybe me overthinking this. There are few others (only handful though) and not every client want my work arrangement ie., remote full hours in my own time working around my contract
  • I also think after 3 months, my manager either get rid of me or cut down my contract hours drastically - he discreetly said this during my offguard phone chat today hence I thought going with £4.8 for 3 months instead of £5 on a month basis even though the plan I put together was for 6 months and my contract would have been for 6 months - I never believe this
  • I didn't want to risk asking for the rate £5 just on a rolling month renewal as I knew there was a massive risk I could have shortened hours contract from month 2 onwards.

What do you think from I have said? Please note I don't family or friend or gf/wife to discuss these things and you all I have to share my reflections

Many thanks
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