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Radio / Device for DD's Bedroom

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Chelsea0586 · 03/05/2019 13:23

Good afternoon, I'm new here so go easy. This may even be the wrong section but I got a little lost and thought I would go for it anyway.

Our little one has a bed time of 8pm and sleeps solidly until around 7am. From this point on, she will just lay there rolling around, kicking the wall or generally being a noisy little monkey. We are awake anyway so this is fine and I know its actually good that she is quite happy to stay in her bed until we go in to get her but I would really like to look at the baby monitor and see her up and playing in the lovely room she has. Plenty of books and plenty of toys, but she just lays there.
I am wondering if perhaps some sort of device, whether it be a tv, a cd player or any other media device would entice her to go over and turn it on while she plays with toys. Does anybody have any recommendations or advice?

Again, not a serious subject, shes fantastic, but it would be lovely to see her up and playing instead of just rolling around and kicking the wall.

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Chelsea0586 · 03/05/2019 13:25

I should have added, shes 2 ... or 25 months as some may say.

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Clutterbugsmum · 03/05/2019 14:45

Mine had and still have at (15, 11 & 10) have CD player and they listen to story CD's.

The The Book People have a god collection of story CD's for all ages.

Clutterbugsmum · 03/05/2019 14:47

good collection not god.

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