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I work in the Operating Theatre AMA

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StealingYourWiFi · 27/12/2018 15:14

I work across anaesthetic, scrub and recovery. Currently in the private sector.

Ask away Grin

OP posts:
IceLemonGin · 27/12/2018 17:27

How long does it take to clean theatre and prepare for the next patient?

Do you prefer it when patients are under rather than awake?

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 27/12/2018 17:29

I fart a lot in my sleep- would the same have happened whilst under? Blush I assume so. Poor theatre staff.

junebirthdaygirl · 27/12/2018 17:38

Do ye chat away to each other during the operaton, about holidays, Christmas etc.
Be honest now, do ye comment on a persons size/ tattoos etc while theyre out?

gottachangethename1 · 27/12/2018 17:40

What type of patients are the best and worst and why?

Mayrhofen · 27/12/2018 17:42

Are you a theatre nure or an ODP?

GummyGoddess · 27/12/2018 17:45

Do patients die very often or is it a rare occurrence? How do you feel when it happens?

Whatsnewwithyou · 27/12/2018 17:47

When I last had general anaesthesia the anethetist told me my heart had slowed to under 30bpm and he had to give me an injection to speed it back up again. Have you seen this happen often? I told my gp about it and he didn't seem too bothered.

ISdads · 27/12/2018 17:48

How do you ensure sedated patients are not sexually assaulted while under anaesthetic in recovery?

Obsidian77 · 27/12/2018 17:52

Are most of the surgeons pretty good or do some make you worry?

TheVanguardSix · 27/12/2018 17:54

Do you ever get emotional about tough situations, like finding out an undiagnosed patient when opened up is riddled with cancer or when you lose a patient? How do you hold it all together?

elliejjtiny · 27/12/2018 18:00

Does it make you feel tired watching people sleep all day?

Does it annoy you when scared/anxious people make the theatre list run late? (I've often worried about this as I've spent lots of time outside anaesthetic rooms with ds as he screams, flings himself around on the floor and refuses to go in)

Have you ever been in the operating theatre when the patient is someone you know?

PinotAndPlaydough · 27/12/2018 18:09

Last time I had surgery (abdominal) I woke up with a bruise the size of a dinner plate on my inner thigh. The surgeon said he had no idea how it happened. I feel like there must have been something dropped on to me or something wheeled into me. It’s not really a big deal, just wondering if you can think of any reason that might have caused it?

Alwaysonholiday · 27/12/2018 19:16

I used to work in theatre, as a theatre nurse.

We used to chat and tell jokes but we would never comment on a person's appearance.

I've never seen someone die during an operation.

Patients were always looked after with the greatest professionalism. HCP are accountable and supervised.

I've never seen a surgeon operate who wasn't extremely competent.

Yes, sometimes people you know come through theatre.

DRE56322 · 27/12/2018 19:18

Ever had someone wake up mid-surgery? (one of my biggest fears!)

Alwaysonholiday · 27/12/2018 19:20

I've never seen someone wake up during surgery.

redsummershoes · 27/12/2018 19:22

what do you do if you neeeeeeeeeeeed the loo?

BumbleyBum · 27/12/2018 19:23

Ooh interesting AMA

bobstersmum · 27/12/2018 19:23

I want to know the answer to pinot's question!

Alwaysonholiday · 27/12/2018 19:29

Before surgery you're nil by mouth, so you won't need the loo.

I have no idea how pinot got that bruise.

redsummershoes · 27/12/2018 19:30

Before surgery you're nil by mouth, so you won't need the loo.

yes, the patient, but what about theater staff?

ChoccyJules · 27/12/2018 19:30

When I had surgery on my neck I woke up with bruises on my breastbone and nobody seemed to know why. Found it odd.

BumbleyBum · 27/12/2018 19:33

I presume bruising is where you’ve been lent on?


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SlightAggrandising · 27/12/2018 19:35

Working in the private sector, do you have a state registered qualification? How do you feel governance is where you work?

Mrsmorton · 27/12/2018 19:36

@ChoccyJules bruising will track down so if you're hit on the head for example, you'll get black eyes because that's the next place for blood to collect. Neck surgery will cause bleeding and it will collect somewhere... in your chest for you.

katseyes7 · 27/12/2018 19:39

l had a hip replacement two years ago. l've heard the surgery's pretty brutal. ls that right?

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